February 8, 2010

Total Weirdness

Imagine my utter, total & complete shock this morning when I clicked on one of the blogs I follow and discovered a picture.

Not just any picture.  A picture of a woman I know in a group of women.  A woman who was both the sister & the wife to a couple of guys I used to work for/with.

I knew it was her.  I even emailed the picture to Hubby to verify for me that it was indeed her (cause he is awesome with faces & names - unlike me who will forget your name as soon as I turn around.  Hell, it's a miracle I remember my name, much less those of friends and family).

Turns out this woman (whom I've always liked) has a pretty successful blog and was a speaker at Blissdom this past weekend.  I'm not really sure what Blissdom was/is - but apparently is a conference for bloggers.

When I got home from work I found her blog.  Which was ridiculously easy to do.  All I had to do was type her name and the word "blog" into Google and there she was (so any of y'all that think you are blogging anonymously - but have your name in there somewhere?  With a little work [or not so much as was my case] you can be found.  Just so ya know).

As I mentioned, I used to work with her husband and for her brother. 

I really don't have a problem with her husband or her - but her brother?  And the rest of their family - which also worked for the company?  Them, I kinda have a problem with.

Eventually, I got paid.  But a lot of the others never did.  It was ugly and even now, almost 9 years later, there are still extreme bitter feelings.

And this is just another reason I choose to remain anonymous (other than the fact that Hubby is persistent in his belief that you are all serial murderers/stalkers).  This woman lives, at most, 15 minutes from me.  It's a small town (so small, in fact, that her hubby was actually my son's coach at one point after the whole "thing." [Yeah - a little weird!] But in all fairness - out of the Pop Warner Football coaches that my son had - he was the best!  Cause he really is a good guy - just got caught up in a really bad (and awkward) situation).

This woman could easily stumble across my blog, if we had cross-readers (which I don't think we do after a cursory glance at her blogroll) (and, if she read this post she'd almost exactly know who was writing it; especially since I have my picture is so obviously out there - I, of course, haven't changed that much in the intervening years) and that could be, at the very least, very uncomfortable and if I wrote about the whole, ugly story - and although every word would be true from my point of view - how would she, and her family, view it?  That could possibly get ugly.

So again - I'll remain anonymous 'cause (apparently) the world is far too small for me not to.


  1. I can guarantee it wasn't me and if you ever worked for my husband, you would find he is a real sweetheart, and was a great coach, back in the day. Isn't is strange how small the world can seem sometimes?

  2. Oh Gigi, I promise I won't try to kill you. :)