February 8, 2010

Did we? Or didn't we?

Thank you Jody for reminding me that I kinda left y'all hanging.  I know.  I'm bad about that.  I post something with kind of a "cliff-hanger" ending and then never follow up.  I get distracted (did I tell you about the shoes I almost bought this weekend and then talked myself out of because Man-Child needed new dress clothes for Mass at school?  Why does he keep growing??  HOW can he still be growing!  He's already so big.  I think I stopped growing at 14 - why is he still growing!!!  ::sigh:: they were lovely - I'll be heading back after payday to see if they are still there...see?  I get distracted easily.  But they were a lovely cheetah print with a patent heel - dammit, I should have bought them.  I think I know what I'll be doing at lunch tomorrow...).


Anyway.  Yes, we ended up having a SuperBowl party.  We ended up with a total of 13 people (who are actually eating solid foods-the other is the sweetest little guy ever!!!).  But up until about 3:00 pm we only knew of three people who were coming.  But Hubby had prepared as if hordes of people were coming.  Along with the requisite chips, dips, nuts, drinks, etc. he also prepared chicken wings, sausage & peppers, chili and I forget what all else (because his motto is - it's better to have more food than the guests can possibly eat; despite their best efforts!).

It wasn't as bad as I was dreading (because yeah - sometimes, despite my best efforts, I take a pessimistic look at things - especially when it involves disrupting my sleep patterns!).

Most of the ladies, weren't into football (like me) so we sat in the other room cooing over the little one, chastising the children (yeah - somebody remind me to tell you about the "children") and catching up.

Everyone was actually gone by 9:00 pm (before the game was over) and most of the kitchen was clean by 9:45 pm (and you guys who've been around awhile know how I feel about having a clean kitchen before I go to bed!!).

No one stayed past their welcome or proceeded to turn this into a "par-taay" (which as well as I know some of these people - it's been known to happen a time or two.  But luckily, I think we've all grown up (a bit more) in the last few years and are, hopefully, past all that).

So, all in all, it was a successful evening. 


But?  That doesn't mean the football talk is - because now we have the "draft" to look forward to.  OMG!  I now know about the draft (in a very vague and round-about way).  This means I am picking this stuff up by osmosis.  Someone please help me before it's too late!!!


  1. They actually had the nerve to close many eating establishments around here, for the stupid Super Bowl! Heck, we didn't even have a dog in the fight! Glad it's over.

  2. Arrggh!! Have been trying to "respond" to this post via BB; apparently, it isn't happening!!

    Ms. A - really?? I know you are close but you aren't "that" close! Why would they close restaurants in your area?

    Anyway, have recently checked today's mail. I have a coupon for an additional 20% off, if I wait until Wednesday. So, my question is this. Should I wait until Wednesday and see if they still have my size - to get the percentage off - or just go for it? I'm thinking, I already know the answer to this question.....

  3. At least you had it on at a sensible time - was on at silly o'clock over here. Then hubby tried to explain the rules! really- why so complicated.
    So I went to bed!!!
    Glad party was success.BNMx

  4. Glad your party turned out good!! I don't like doing things on work nights!

  5. I didn't know the Super Bowl was even on until my husband told me, lol. I'm not much into football. haha

  6. Oh wow, I've been wondering what happened. Why did they leave before it finished though? xx