February 8, 2010

Do I have a "problem?"

This is a direct quote.  This is what Hubby asked me today.

Why, you ask? 

Because I want to re-arrange furniture.

Normally?  Hubby wouldn't even be involved.  Normally, I'd just move it and that would be that.

But this time?  It involves moving a (very heavy, apparently) couch & chair from upstairs down.

I've already explained to you about his extreme dislike of change with the whole closet debacle. (which, for those of you interested - I think he's getting used to his new environs despite his unwillingness to admit it).

We've been in this house for approximately one and a half years.  In that time, nothing major has really been moved.  But in that time, I have realized how we are using our space.  What is working; and what isn't.

And what isn't?  The whole "keeping" room area (right off the kitchen).  It has become a total junk dump.  (I don't deal with clutter too well - after a while it makes me "itch."  Seriously.  And when I begin to "itch," I become a word that rhymes with it....).

That means the desk must go!  Immediately.

My feeling is that a sitting area would be much better there.  That would confine the clutter to one corner of the island.

But to hear Hubby go on about it....according to him I must have "dyslexia" (does he even know what that means???) or some other problem.

I have informed him that it's called "decorating" and realizing how we use the space we have and how to make better use of that space.

The conversation ended with us agreeing that maybe he needs to live in his shed and leave the actual house to me.

At the moment?  Sounds like a really good compromise to me.....


  1. Just do it! Men hate any change, especially if it involves that loved chaise lounge of theirs.

  2. At least you got a reaction. Mine won't even react anymore.

  3. Oh God, I've been in my house 10 years and I've neither moved nor decorated anything, another example of my failure in life ! xx

  4. LV - it will be done - without a doubt.

    Ms. A - the only reason I'm getting a reaction is because he has to be involved in it!

    Auntiegwen - I would say that is a testament to your "eye" - you got it just right the first time!

  5. Go Gigi GO!!
    ban hi to the shed, and optimize all your space!!!

  6. I definitely hear the shed calling his names!!

  7. I am like you in that I hate clutter!! My husband on the other hand doesn't even notice it!!

  8. I don't think your husband knows what the word dyslexic means, lol.

    I agree with Choleesa, if hubby doesn't want you to redecorate, tell him he can decorate the shed all he wants, LOL.