February 27, 2010

Some new baubles to add to my collection

Well, since you are sitting there reading this - it must mean that I've typed it; which must mean that I've decided to stay home and let the boys run off for the weekend.

That means the house is clean and quiet and will stay that way.  At least until they return.

Anyway, the ever-thoughtful and lovely Chic Mama has seen fit to bless me with this:

Apparently she has sensed the fact that I have definitely been in need to some sunshine & flowers! 

The rules of this pretty Sunshine award are:

■Pay it forward – nominate 12 bloggers

■Put the logo on your sidebar or within a post

■Link the nominees within your post

■Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog

■Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award

I'm actually going to attempt this as there are a few folks out there who I know could use a little sunshine.

1.  Bare Naked Mummy
2.  Bina at Just Another Day
3.  Brighton Mum - Teenage Angst
4.  Jody at Take Me As I Am
5.  Kathryn at From The Inside...Out
6.  Jaci at Ravings of a Mad Housewife
7.  The Amazing Trips
8.  Gayle at Gramme's Blog
9.  PoshTotty
10.  Lee at The Way I See It
11.  Momma at Live Laugh Pull your hair out
12. Mrs. Lovely at The Ideologies of Melissa

That was HARD! 

And speaking of so very sweet and thoughtful Mrs. Lovely; she has given me this:

Which upon receiving, I immediately began to sing the Folgers coffee commerical in my head (and I bet you are singing along now too - it's okay, you can't help it; it's catchy!)

"The best part of waking up..." award is awarded to the 5 bloggers that you're most excited to see have posted when you log into your dashboard/google reader/ whatever. Yes, only 5! If you're always checking someone's blog to see if they've posted, they deserve this award!"

This one I bequeath to each and everyone of you - because I am constantly checking on you - but not in a stalker-ish kind of way, promise!

So, thank you Chic and Mrs. Lovely for the beautiful awards and for thinking of me!


  1. Congratulations Gigi and thank you for the award! :)

    Enjoy your weekend of peace and quiet!

  2. My house stays clean when the kids are gone...never lasts long!

  3. Thank you Gigi for my award. Unfortunately I have the sunshine one but I may steal the other one instead!


  4. Congratulations....your shelf must be straining under the weight of all those awards. Glad you had a good time while the boys were away. ;0) xx

  5. Oh thank you very much for the award!! I am so behind ...just getting to this today!! So glad you stayed home. We all need our time!!