February 2, 2010

I've been accosted in my own home!

Okay y'all - just what in the hell are we going to do if when Man-Child goes off to college (and then when he's really, really gone?!).

I came home a little later tonight as I had a hair appointment.

As soon as I walked in Hubby pounced!  (NO! Get your minds out of the gutter - I know I share alot but do you really think I'd share that!)

He began to talk to me incessantly.  I mean really - NON-STOP!  I hadn't even taken my coat off yet.


Because school is still closed (and will be again tomorrow) - so Man-Child took off to a buddy's house (not that I blame him) for the night.

This means Hubby came home to an empty house - with no one to talk to - until I walked in.  Have I mentioned he's uber-social?  He likes to be around people.  He likes talking, talking and more talking.

I love him, I do!  And I do enjoy talking to him - but really?

I'm sitting in front of the computer - typing away.  It's obvious that I am busy.  Leave me alone!!!  Besides, the topics he wants to discuss?  We've discussed at least a thousand times (seriously).  This isn't new and interesting.

Usually when Man-Child is here - I am pretty much invisible (this is what happens when you are the only female in a testosterone-filled home).  I've gotten used to this over the years.  It's fine; really.  Because I can do whatever I want without being bothered.  I can read, blog, obsessively re-organize my closet - whatever.  They don't care (as long as they aren't being involved).

So to be accosted in this fashion?  Very annoying.

He's finally settled in front of the television - snoring away. 

Ahhh - bliss!

But what does this mean for our retirement years????

Actually, upon reflection, I'll probably be a much better blogger and commenter - 'cause once he's out in front of the tv - there are absolutely NO interruptions!


  1. Once all mine were out of the house, I lost my "purpose/reason for being". Still haven't found it, but glad to have met some wonderful blog buddies.

  2. I have a teen daughter. I have learned to tune people out...is that bad?

  3. I isn't it funny.....I would love for mine to talk to me more...I am like your husband and my husband must feel like you!!

  4. Ms. A- I'm sure I'll fee that to once M-C is really gone... :-(

    Kristi - it CAN'T be bad to tune people out - I do it all the time!

    Gayle - I want hubby to talk to me more to; but only when it suits me; not him! This is why I'm such a bad wife!

  5. My son will be moving out in June, and I dont know WHAT Im gonna do with myself, enjoy the peace??? Miss his company??? cry a freakin river cause my first born has left me??? Probably YES to all of the above.

  6. HA! Oh, that is too funny! Maybe you can get him a pet? You know...something that he can talk "to" all the time...but it doesn't require a response??