February 2, 2010

For My Fellow Readers (and yup, I've forgotten AGAIN!)

Since, apparently, a bunch of you are readers.....(can I tell you - my post about Under the Dome probably had the most comments ever?!) I have decided to tell you about another book I've read.

I have just finished Cane River by Lalita Tademy. 

To be truthful - I probably picked this up at Barnes & Noble from the discount table.  (cause yeah - I'm cheap that way.  Don't judge!  I have to be!  Because between you and me - my book habit is waaaaayyyy worse than my shoe habit!).


This book was part of the whole Oprah's Book Club thing.

Totally worth it.

It's a historical fiction book (which generally, I'm not too fond of); based on the author's research of her family history.  It's a story of four generations of women.  The beginning generation being slaves and ending in the difficult early years of the twentieth century.

This woman's style of writing is gripping (okay - really?  That doesn't sound like me - but this book is one that you want to come back to - so how else would I describe it?)

It describes the struggle of  family of women throughout slavery and beyond; the indignities; etc.  What they went through to preserve family.  How much family means - what they went through to insure that their children had a better life.

It's an awesome story - so if you get a chance; check it out and let me know what you think.

Arrrrrgggghhh!  Dammit!  I've forgotten to put a title AGAIN!!!!!!!!


  1. Let me see, you are a wife, mother, you work, blog AND have time to read... HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT???

  2. First of all - let me thank you Ms. A - you made me realize that I've forgotten to title the darn post once again - simply by responding.....

    And in response....it's a rare, rare night that I get to do all at once! That is why some nights you hear from me often and others...you hear the crickets chirping.

  3. My book habit is similar to yours and also I love a hardback so more expense but its good for the brain x

  4. That books sound interesting.I will have to check it out. Lately I have been finding it hard to read with reading blogs and commenting!! I have to start back.

  5. You are too funny with this title omission thing!

    So, did this author write a whole bunch o' books? Cause there's nothing betta than finding a new author and a whole truckload of books written by them. Right?