February 27, 2010

My Day

It's been quiet.

Very quiet.  The only sound I currently hear is the clicking of the keys as I type.  The quiet in this house is very rare.  I have a loud Hubby; a loud Man-Child; and there always seems to be a tv on somewhere in the house.

I've come and gone without any questions.

The ability to have lunch at 3:00 pm and a dinner consisting of a piece of cheese went without a comment.

It's been very nice.  Although, at first, I kind of regretted not joining the boys; I'm glad I stayed behind.

One, for my sanity.  And two, so that they could have time together away from the house.

I can honestly say I've had almost no human contact - except for the folks I've interacted with in the stores, etc.  (And the one idiot teen driver that I almost backed into because she was flying through the parking lot!  Seriously?  Slow down in parking lots - those of us with smaller cars can't see around the giant SUV's).

Well, that's not quite true.  My friend that is contemplating divorce called this evening under the guise that I should have dinner with them since I'm alone.  I could hear in her tone that she needed to talk - so I agreed to come by - but not for dinner.  (Since we last discussed this situation; her hubby has left.  He thinks that this will all blow over soon.  And maybe it will.  But after listening to her this evening....I have my doubts.  Unless he is willing to make some MAJOR changes I do not see him coming home anytime soon.)  I can tell you that walking into her house this evening I could sense a change.  It was calm.  Even with three young boys - that was a calm house.  She was calm; they were calm - there was a total sense of peace.  She was the best I've seen her in a long time.  So I visited with her (or more accurately, I listened to her) for about an hour and then came home to my own quiet, calm house.

My plans for tomorrow?  Not quite sure.  But I know I will relish the quiet for as long as I can before they come storming in all loud and sassy.  And then, life as I know it will resume.  And I will be happy to have had this time and happy that they are home, safe, where they belong.


  1. My house is quiet the majority of the time, except for the TV to keep me company. It ain't all it's cracked up to be. Plus, I rarely leave it. Tonight I am fortunate to have spent time with two of my granddaughters and the youngest is spending the night. Kinda nice to have a youngun in the house. Someday you might miss it.

  2. Ms. A - I know I'll miss it once it's quiet all the time! But for now? It's kinda nice.

  3. Yes, I do remember my first quiet moments and how I loved them. It's just when I realize that this is probably how it's going to be, the rest of my stinkin' life, that it gets me a little down.

  4. I love those quiet moments, they don't happen very often round here! You're right it's good for Dads to spend time on their own with the kids.

  5. I know exactely how you were feeling. My husband use to take our daughter for trips and I would stay home.