February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's (and another book review)

Well, I was all set to write a post about how quiet I've been on the internet lately - possibly due to the winter blues that many of us seem to be suffering from.  Or maybe, it's because I've been busy getting some of my projects crossed off the list (you remember the list(s) I was making way back in December?  (Seriously?  You didn't think I was done with it - did you?  No, my lists are "living" documents as they continue to evolve and grow!) and I truly have accomplished much this weekend - thanks to my fabulous Hubby's assistance! Mwah! Love you darling!).

Instead I've decided to tell you about the latest book I've just read - because it is awesome!  It is one of those books you don't want to read in snatches - you only want to read it when you've got plenty of time to devote to it.  In fact, I've just devoted the last two and a half hours to finishing it (proof - to those of you with small children - that one day you will have two and a half hours to yourself eventually.)

The book is Too Close To Home by Linwood Barclay.  I've read another one of his books and loved it too.  But this one is about a family that is brutally murdered in their own home and about their neighbors - one of whom was in the home when it all went down.  The book has many twists and turns and is very fast-paced.   At one point, there is an arrest and things are looking grim.  And then it twists.  And then, you are thinking "Aha!  Now I know what happened!" and then it twists again.  And the ending?  It ties it all up very well. 

While the story may seem a bit fantastic to those of us who live less drama-filled lives but then there is a reason they call it fiction and Linwood Barclay does a very fine job of drawing you in and keeping you riveted.  So, if you have the opportunity to read his work, I would definitely suggest you do so.

On another subject, I hope you all have had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  It is definitely a low-key holiday around here - I gave the guys each a little box of chocolate and socks (what?! They NEEDED socks!) and they reciprocated by doing the heavy lifting on some of my projects; which made me even happier than most gifts.

Thankfully, my company is closed tomorrow so I have a day to tidy up some loose ends on these projects and maybe even catch a movie with Man-Child (if the weather isn't too bad).  Any recommendations for a mother and teen-age son to see together and actually both enjoy?


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Gigi!

    Have you managed to work your way through all the boxes of pasta? You should donate some to a local food bank if you don't think you'll eat it all right away.

    I'm hungry now. Oy.

  2. Yes! Valentine Day! Sweet, charming and thoughtful.

  3. Sounds a great book - am going to order one on Amazon this morning!

  4. That does sound like a good book...dif. going to check it out. I am a major list maker but lately can't get off the computer to do anything except what has to be done.