March 31, 2010

Total Randomness - because I'm being distracted!

I'm just sitting here just trying to compose a witty, thoughtful post on my back porch; and how are you.....

Hmmmmm, what is that noise??

There are a couple of tags that I need to respond to - which I will get to.  Eventually.  I've actually been busy lately (which hasn't been the norm of late) . . . but I'm off next week (yay!) so maybe then?

What IS that noise??

'Course I also wanted to say something about how taste and smells can evoke memories; of places.   Of people who are longer here and how they've influenced your life.  And how very powerful those memories can be.....

What the hell?????

Or how I wanted to catch you up on my friend who is contemplating divorce.  She's got him out of the house and some days seems to be on course; but doesn't seem to have the will to say SHAPE UP or SHIP OUT! (and seriously?  Between you and me-though I am all for trying to work it out if possible- this AIN'T happening! He is NOT willing to attempt any change on his part) I keep telling her she needs to channel her inner bitch (or me; whichever is easier) in those moments.....

What the HELL is that NOISE?

Then of course, there are those comments from the last post.  I really, really wanted to respond to a few of those.  Especially since some seemed really concerned.  Really?  Nothing to be concerned about - all is well, despite how cryptic it may have seemed.  Thank you, truly.

WHAT THE F*#%! IS THAT NOISE?????  It's absolutely driving me BATTY!!!

Oh!  It's Hubby.

On his lawn mower.

Apparently, Spring has sprung (finally) and it is time again to pull out the loud, obnoxious equipment that deals with the yard.

Hmmm.  I suppose I'd better get used to it. 

Because if you were with me last spring/summer you will recall that I have a neighbor that loves to mow his grass on an every other day basis (personally? I'm convinced this is his way of hiding from his family...I once caught him using his mower to blow his leaves - driving back and forth slowly through his lawn.  Methodically pushing all the leaves to the tree line.  Seriously?  It took hours!)!  And a neighbor with a very yappy dog (and apparently, a very yappy owner.....I'm just sayin' if you are more yappy than the dog.....there might be an issue......).  And a neighbor with small children who make it seems like they are killing each other constantly (owwwww, my arm!!!!!  owww my eye!!!  Moooooooommmmmmmm!  Funny, I've never heard her respond to one complaint from the small children......poor kids!)  But I've yet to meet any of these neighbors (and we've been here 1 1/2 years - and generally?  WE aren't shy....).  If I had I might be a mite more sympathetic.......



  1. The sounds of mowers and weedeaters can totally distract a working brain. (I wouldn't know that personally, my brain doesn't work.) Oh yeah... the blowers, too! And good weather just seems to bring them out of hiding.

  2. I love the sound of the husband on the mower...and the sound of the husband fixing loose slabs on the patio...and the sound of the husband repairing the fence...

    Hurry up good weather, the husband's got work to do!

  3. LOL, I have the builders in and spent ages yesterday running up and downstairs trying to work out which wall was going to collapse or which new pipe was going to splurt water everywhere...cos there was this funny noise.

    Bloody NDN was mowing her lawn with her geriatric lawnmower that sounded like an earthquake on wheels and totally make me paranoid that my house was falling down.

  4. Not looking forward to the noise either. My husband ALWAYS gets ready to mow in the afternoon... HELLO??? Our son still naps at that time, for the past 4 years!! Jeez louise....

  5. I was once told by somebody who had a beautiful garden that you should mow the lawn everyday and leave the cuttings down and not scrape them up. I never took his advice but hired a gardener once a week!

  6. ps-Gigi,

    I told everybody in my post.

  7. There are worse noises than a lawn mower.. like a horn blowing at 6:30 in the morning! LOL, luckily horn-blower has pissed of recently.

    At least your weather is good enough that you have to mow the lawn?

  8. Well, OF COURSE men are avoiding their families by spending hours a day working on the lawn! What I can't believe is that they don't think that WE realize they're doing it. I'm gonna stop now before I say something really MEAN.

    (This post was hysterical...I couldn't imagine what was distracting you!)

  9. Come on over to my house!! I hate noise since I moved to the country years ago and now what do I hear every am and on Sunday' equipment.....and they will be here for years.....a new rode .......progress they say and I hate it. So I know how you feel!

  10. Ugh, lawn stuff can be annoying. I hate weedeaters the most.

  11. Just wanted to tell you... this post is the one that inspired me to write about my lawn care issues. Hearing you say your husband was tinkering with the mower made me wax poetic about a man who would mow the lawn for me. If only his name were "texan papa" and not "scotts". hee hee