February 26, 2010

I'm a bad wife......

In my last post, I complained about Hubby and his lack of "vacation" skills.

He proposed a trip to Asheville, NC this weekend to visit his daughter.

I don't want to go.

In truth, he's been at least three to four times already - without me.  Granted, one of those times I had to go home to check on my dad.  The other times?  Well, let's just say, they became a "test of wills" and I won.

There is absolutely no reason in the world that I shouldn't go this weekend.

Except I don't want to.

Why?  Snow is predicted.  I have stuff I want to do.  The lure of a house all to myself?  And, seriously?  Why should I go seeking snow?  I've had more than my fair share this winter (with more predicted for next week!).  I'm cold enough here without travelling to the mountains to find more.

But the guilt!  Here I've been complaining that Hubby never wants to go anywhere or do anything (and it's true - unless it's something he wants to do....).  I haven't been up to Asheville since she's moved here.  I haven't seen her since Christmas.  But still.....

I don't want to go.

Somebody absolve me so I can stay home in relative peace, please!!!


  1. psft! You just need a good spankin', is all.

  2. Oo I understand this... sometimes the thought of having the apartment all to myself is sooo enticing.. Maybe send him and Man-Child away for the weekend and start planning a 3 or 4 day vacation in warmer weather?

  3. That's all I needed Mrs. L! I'm staying home!! (Stalkers/serial killers be damned!)

    The more time to blog...

    Blasé-dahling? You just don't understand - you, my dear, aren't a woman!

  4. Gigi...you're a very bad woman. You should go....

    ....except of course if you really really don't want to and can live with the guilt. Then you should stay!

  5. Gigi only you can make this decision. The only thing I will say is, you may have an unexpectedly good time, being at home you will be warm but it will be predictable... leave your comfort zone a break is what you make of it xxx
    Speaking here as a reclusive LOL

  6. Like WC says I've also become a bit reclusive and it's so easy but maybe the change of scenery will do you good...but then again maybe a silent house will do you even more good lol. Whatever you decide have a fab weekend. Nova xx

  7. Stay home in the warm and indulge yourself!

  8. I am so far behind....you wrote this on Friday and I am reading this on Monday...hope you stayed home...that's what I would have done...


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