February 18, 2010

Some "Trends" should NEVER see the light of day.


I was perusing the latest InStyle magazine.  I came across this sight quite often (couldn't find it on InStyle's site though - funnily enough....). 

Apparently, socks with heels is the most current trend.  In fact, one person wrote in to say (something along these lines - I don't have the magazine in front of me) how much she loved this look and how should she wear it.  I'm thinking "Ummmm? NEVER!"

Now - maybe this makes me a very conservative fashionista - dare I say it?  A fuddy-duddy.

But I vow to you all right now "I will NEVER, EVER be caught dead wearing socks with my high heel sandals!"


  1. Oh my.. that's... something else that is.

  2. And to think there are those who feel I have no style. I could end up fitting right in after all.

  3. I have actually seen this look here, recently. All by 18-19yr old girls wearing little dolly dresses & vintage stuff. It sort of looks okay on them, as they are all skinny legs and colt like, so it looks quite cute. Not sure it would suit anyone else though...

  4. Isn't that basically socks with sandals like your father used to wear until he discovered he would lose his kids if he ever wore them again!

  5. Quite right Gigi, neither would I. Some trends are fit for 18 years only! but us forty somethings can embrace those beautiful shoes!

  6. Truly, truly hideous...

  7. UGH, as if my cankles aren't wide enough. Didn't I do this in um, say, 8th grade? I cannot do the "re-do" fashions that I've done before. Just can't. Crap. Does that mean I'm old?!?


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