March 18, 2010

Because I just had to get it out!

Warning!  Major rant about to follow.

I realize that I am feeling "touchy" right now.  But come on.

I was sitting on the back porch happily making my lists because it's actually nice enough to sit out for once.  My list and my hubby's honey-do list.  He and Man-Child wander out to chat.  I make an innocent comment about something that needs to be done (nicely too mind you - wasn't bitchy at all!  I swear!).

Do you know what that man had the absolute nerve to say?  He told me to "relax" that "we are living in the house and to just enjoy it."

Seriously????  First of all - just because we are living here doesn't mean that there is nothing to be done.  And second of all (and yes, it really isn't a direct connection - but in my mind it is) - just about all the things HE has wanted to do has been done or is in the process of being done.  Patio that we certainly did not need (or could really spare the cash for)?  Done.  Retaining wall next to said patio (again that we did not need or could readily afford at the time)?  Done.  The efff-ing shed that we had to have immediately (which still isn't done!!  How many months later???) - in process -AND?  The construction waste is still sitting in the yard - because he told the construction guys not to worry about it! (WTF?) So this crap has been sitting there since Christmas.  Yes, Christmas.  How many months ago was that?  About three months ago, thank you very much! 

The things I have wanted to do?  Cabinets for the laundry or the butler's pantry?  Emmmm - not a necessity.  The tree I wanted re-planted to replace the dead one?  Not done.  Oh, but he did pull up the dead one back in the fall (yay him) but has left the gaping hole sitting there for nigh on how many months now?  Any household or landscaping projects that I've wanted done - I've had to do myself.  Which pretty much has meant that although some of it got done (simply because I am tenacious to a fault) - the majority?  Not done - simply because I don't have the strength or the know-how. 

Yes, I know this all sounds very petty - and yes, I'm as prickly as a porcupine today (I know this and freely admit it) - but for the love of Mike - seems to me he's been pretty damn selfish lately and I'm pretty sick of it.  I'm not looking for major renovations or prohibitively expensive things done.  Really right now - I'd be pretty happy just to have the construction crap out of my yard - is that too much to ask?  I'm sure the neighbors would probably appreciate the hell out of it too. 

And you know what else ticks me off?  Instead of saying, "Honey, what's wrong?" after I tore up his list (which did not include most of the things I listed above - instead included piddly little things that would take him no time to accomplish!) and told him that he was free to "enjoy" living here, do you know what he did?  He went inside, ate dinner and left.  Do I give a rat's ass where he's gone?  No.  (But I've a pretty fair idea where he's at and for all I care right now he can stay there).  Am I being irrationally upset over such a minor comment that I most likely took wrong?  Probably.  But you know what?  I don't care - I've been very patient and I'm tired of it - I want a few things done around here - so what? 

And you know what?  They will get done.  He will either do them or he can damn well pay to have them done.  And then he can sit back and "enjoy" living here until I have another hissy fit (which may be sooner than he thinks!).


  1. Better out than in, I always say!

  2. Get him, Gigi! Give him a fierce grrrrrr!

  3. If he has time to do projects that only he wants done, then he has time for stuff you want/need done! There are two of you in the relationship, so he should dig his head out of his butt (no offence) and do some stuff!

  4. oh frustration. thou art a cruel mistress. all i feel like i can say on the subject is just to talk to him and tell him what you're feeling. he's a guy. somethings may not register with him the way they do with you. but i really don't know much about the situation so i don't know how helpful i am being. lol. but i tried :)

  5. OH MY GOD< are we married to the same man??
    Hugs hon!

  6. I've got one sooooo like yours! The worst of it, he starts projects but never finishes them....drives me nuts!

  7. You go girl - bloody men!

  8. An effing shed? we have them in Britain too ! xxx

  9. Awww, I'm sorry you are so cross at the moment.I can understand it, wouldn't it be heaven if we could all sit back and never worry about all the jobs that need to be done around the house. My ex-H ( can't get used to that-sorry)used to moan if I asked him to change a lightbulb- because I couldn't reach.So, I know how frustrating it is.
    I hope you have made up now and everything is okay. XXX

  10. Thank y'all for letting me vent.
    We haven't chatted yet-as he goes into hiding whenever I get angry-which is really dumb on his part because then whatever miniscule thing that set me off begins to fester and before you know it I am then angry about a whole host of things! After 19 years you think he'd have figured this out...

    Ahh well - in the scheme of things it's minor and it will get worked out eventually.

  11. I found it interesting that most of your stuff is inside the abode...what is it about guys and the outside stuff?
    And WTF's the deal with not cleaning up the construction mess? So. Not. Cool.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned hiring someone to do what he obviously won't. I'd be pissed too, sweetie. How DARE he react that way! Do you want me to take him down???

  12. I say itching powder in his boxers lol


  13. I know exactely how you feel!! We have been remolding for the last few years but then he will just stop for awhile and leave everything. I finally said today .."honey please get the construction stuff off our new poarch so I can enjoy it" he just nodded. I know he is doing other stuff but what about the stuff I need to get done!!! I don't even care if he makes the pantry or finishes the stairs. I just want the JUNK picked up and put away!! Thanks for letting me vent!

  14. May I just say, I LOVE to hear you mad? I didn't know you had it in you, and I freaking love the phrase "give a rat's ass". You go girl!

    And you know what else? I'm sure this has been building up, because sometimes men just have this "whatever" attitude about things WE want, but their shit is so freaking important, so yea, I can understand why you got mad. He needs to adjust that attitude.