March 24, 2010

Just a peek at part of me that apparently wasn't visible before.....

"May I just say, I LOVE to hear you mad? I didn't know you had it in you, and I freaking love the phrase "give a rat's ass". You go girl!"

A direct quote from Bina.

I have to tell you this made me roll on the floor laughing.  Seriously.

She didn't know I had it in me?! 

Makes me question just what image I am projecting to you all?  A sweet, peace-loving hippie?  A granola-girl who only wants every one to "be happy?"  Me skipping through meadows making daisy chains?  What?

Just ask Hubby or Man-Child.  They will tell you that I "DEFINITELY" have it in me to get mad.  In fact, I can imagine their response if asked.

"Oh Lord!  PLEASE don't get her mad.  Especially if it's directed at ME!" 

And yes, that would be the response from both of them (and probably a **few** others, that may or may not have had my venom directed at them)!

Now granted, I don't lose it as often as I used to (or for that matter, as spectacularly - there was that time the cake got taken for a ride to the woods.....which is now family legend and repeated often - although in all fairness?  THAT cake had to go!).  I believe the term is "mellowing with age."  These days I'm more likely to go off on an inanimate object (say....the computer that is not behaving properly....yes, just ask my co-workers who hear me berating the computer, or any other piece of office equipment, on a daily basis) or the poor guy with broken English on the other end of the line as I'm trying to re-connect to the Internet that has been mysteriously cut off for no reason......or Ebay.

Yes Bina - I definitely "have it in me" to get mad and (as they say in this family) you don't want to "get my Irish" up because it can get ugly.  And I can hold a grudge like you wouldn't believe.

So now that I've complety shattered your image of me as the sweet little southern belle...I'm off to make daisy chains and to tell everyone I meet, "Don't worry!  Be Happy!!"

Thanks so much Bina!  I needed that laugh today!!


  1. Remind me to NEVER make you mad.

  2. Hello, excuse me, me I comment...don't want to make you mad...LOL

    You, Gigi, have a lovely day!!


  3. I hear ya, I can get some mad sometimes. I've broken keyboards at work before. But that only happened twice and in my defense, I work with some real morons.

    It's ok though because we're all human beings and this broad range of emotions that we experience are what make us human! So Gigi, if you're mad, get mad!

  4. I'm gutted - I had you down as some happy go lucky Doris Day type who, when things go wrong, would just go misty eyed and break into song...

  5. I'm far too lazy to get my dander up (another of our strange British expressions meaning to get cross and shouty)

  6. How is Bina doing? I never hear from her anymore. Is she still blogging?

    Tell her I still want to bite down on her...

  7. Haha! Sorry, but I think I had you pegged from the first time I ever read your blog! I've always had the impression that you were a 'fiesty' southern belle, take no prisoners kinda gal..

  8. Its good to let off steam and get thing off your chest. I "go off on one" often and do not suffer fools gladly!

  9. Good to hear Bina is still up and around, she went private, and I didnt get an invite....oh well.
    I think its great that you have a "mysterious" persona, I think I am waaaayyyy too transparent in my "world"

  10. I think we have 'seen' you without you knowing lol. In a nice way. I just hope one day we can meet up properly. ;0)

  11. LOL I little fire in the soul keeps it interesting!

  12. joy, dude-ette.

    Then, throw 'em a withering glance and walk away....all the while, flicking your long 70's hair and admiring your uber-coolio clogs....