March 3, 2010

Check List and other ramble-y bits

Golden Mountain (feng shui-stuff) set up outside front door.  Check

Elephant inside front door (more feng shui).  Check.  (now I just sit back and wait to hit the lottery!)

Nails done in the hot new fabulous shade (not the Chanel one that everyone is talking about unfortunately - but still really fabulous!).  Check.

Boys off to the gym for a few hours so I can sit here blogging and reading blogs. (hey! In my opinion - blogging IS working out!  What with all the typing and scrolling my fingers are looking HOT!!!  Especially since they've got that nice new manicure!)  Check.


An update on my hellish dealings with eBay.  They still suck.  Yes folks, here it is March and I am still fighting with these people.  Seriously?!?!  Like I don't have anything better to do than get into email-arguments with you on a daily basis?  What you don't realize eBay is that you are arguing with ME.  I will NOT give in or give up (just ask Hubby!).  You WILL succumb to my wishes sooner or later!

An update on my friend who is contemplating divorce.  He is out of the house for the moment.  If you knew her you would realize what an accomplishment this is - the things he has gotten away with over the years..... They have an appointment with a counselor next week.  Maybe they will work things out.  Maybe.  If he is willing to make some MAJOR changes (which, at this point, I don't see.  I know he will change for a few weeks - he's done that in the past before reverting back to his old ways).  But she is standing firm that he cannot come home until the changes have been made and he has lived by them for a while.  I understand that he has a lease on an apartment for the next three months.  We'll see what happens.  As for her?  Well, this is the happiest (and the best) I've seen here in a long, long time.  This is also the happiest I've seen the children in a long, long time....

As for my other friend that got the divorce but is hiding it from everyone?  I haven't heard from her directly lately.  Oh, I've received a few forwards and seen a few things on FaceBook - but no direct contact.  I am assuming that she and her husband are still living as if they are married and that things are going well.  I really should call her - but am reluctant because the whole thing just smells funny to me and I really don't want to be involved anymore than I already am....

So that's about it on the updates (unless there is something you want me to follow up on?  If so - let me know....).


Is the title typed up before I hit "post?" Check.


  1. I'm glad to hear your friend contemplating divorce is standing firm on what it is she needs from him and that she (and the kids) are actually happy. I hope that keeps up!!

  2. Elephant inside front I missing something?

    Now your boys are at the gym, nip over to mine...there's an award waiting for you x

  3. I feel for you its so hard when friends are going through tough times, you have to be careful not to let it affect you xx

  4. PS I know nothing about feng shui have you done a post on it? If not would you? I would love to learn something about it xx

  5. I just love getting my nails and toes done!! Thanks for the updates on your friends. Call the last one so we can know more!