March 30, 2010

Okay, okay! I got your message.

Do you ever believe the Universe is trying to tell you something? Have you ever been having a tiny little issue (that has somehow snowballed, because that's what issues do?) and then everywhere you turn there are glimpses of things that seem to be trying to tell you something but you ignore them – because you are too self-righteous, pig-headed, correct convicted to listen?

And then one morning you wake up and there the Universe is: beating you over the head with a large stick; yelling “Open your eyes you moron! Pay attention! I’m trying to tell you something!”

That was what I faced today.

Practically first thing this morning, I read three things that made me sit up and take notice – even though the coffee had yet to kick in. I read them one right after the other. They were words that I did not seek out looking for enlightenment. No, instead these words sought me out from various sources - the newspaper, a blog and a quote.

Each was profound; they all said the exact same thing in their own, distinct way and they were all pointed directly to me and my little issue .

Okay Universe. I got it. I understand what you are saying and because of this, I think I’ve found the resolution I needed.

Universe you can seriously stop beating me with that stick now.


  1. You are such a teaser. Not even a hint of what your little issue might be. Shame, shame.

    Was the issue writing blog posts that reveal too much so you wanted to cut back?

    Just askin'



  2. i love when that happens. maybe. lol. hope you get everything fixed with your issue. :)

  3. Ooo well I hope everything works out for you Gigi. :)

  4. I just hate it when that happens....makes me want to grab the stick and hit it right back...

  5. Intuitive I'm not, the universe has to have it in big flashing lights before I get the message

  6. Have tagged you on my blog I hope you enjoy XXX

  7. At least you got there in the end, even if the universe had to tell you what to do about your situation. Hope your issue is all sorted x

  8. Well, I hope the issue gets sorted so that at least you can get away from the beating stick.

  9. I gotta agree with are being SUCH A TEASE!

    Well, I hope *whatever you read* has helped you to fix *whatever the issue was* with...well, whatever....

  10. ok Gigi, you cannot just give us half the story.....
    But, Im glad the universe has made its point. I hope it all works out for you.

  11. Ahhh but you didn't get just a bit of the story! You got the whole thing. Which is that the Universe sometimes reaches out and slaps you into seeing what was right under your nose! She never done it to me before - so I was wondering if this is something that has happened to you - whether on a consistent basis or just every once in a while.

  12. Isn't that the expression from Cocktail - "Ah.. light dawns on marble head!". You see all of life's answers can be found in the movies! Hope you sort your issue x