March 2, 2010

My "AHA Moment" about Twitter

So there I was following tweets.  (Despite my silence on Twitter - those of you I follow should know that I am religious about reading your tweets!  Really!  All eight of you!).
A couple of times I almost tweeted.

But, I deleted them.  Why?

Because I think too much about what I'm going to write.  And I only have so many characters (what? 149?) to express myself.

I almost tweeted: "What!  Do these boys think they LIVE here or something?" out of my sheer frustration that Hubby is up, listening to (and singing along with) music (loudly I might add!) - which is seriously interfering with my train of thought.  But then I thought about how that might sound to someone.  Yes, he does live here (sorry had to come back and do edits; otherwise it would have read: Yes, he does live.  Which in reality, would have been TOO funny! Am telling you now - I over-analyze!).  And he has every right to be up (and alive) (particularly since it's only 8:00 pm - although usually he's out on the couch by now....) and listening to music (especially since he's listening to something I like...) and singing along if he likes.  It makes me sound like I don't want him to be here.  Which isn't true.  And that Man-Child is rattling around upstairs like a bull in a china shop (I swear every time I head upstairs I expect to see mass destruction!  How can one person make SO much noise?) (and is also interfering with my train of thought!)

Or the other Tweet I almost posted and then deleted.  It had something to do about this damn snow.  But then I thought about those just a bit north who have had it soooooooooo much worse and those who still don't have power after the last snow "event."  How insensitive of me!

Being limited to how many words I have to express myself should be a challenge.  But it's not.

It frustrates me.

I want to be able to make sure that whoever is reading what I am writing gets the whole thing.  Not just a nibble (this may explain why any letters [and this blog for that matter....] I write go on for so long......).  I worry that people will read my tweets and think - oh, what is she complaining about now?  Or - oh no!  Something must really be bothering her! Or, oh boy! Her life is all roses!

I want people to realize the whole story - not just that moment in time.

Apparently, I just don't have the ability to tweet.  And that is the sad fact.  I over-analyze every word that I put out there (be it good or bad).

So fellow Twitterers (is that right?) please bear with my random, odd-ball tweets (i.e. -  Forecast: snow flurries - no accumulation. Reality: Snowing & accumulating like crazy. ::sigh::) (my tweet for the day).  It's all I could bear to put out there after over-analyzing it too death.  But continue to tweet away.  I'm reading and commenting where appropriate.  And I enjoy seeing what you have to say!


And as an FYI, hubby is finally asleep (at 8:33 pm on the couch) and the radio is silent!  Ahh bliss! (and yes, Hubby is still alive; I don't know how much longer Man-Child has though as he is currently torturing me with a bamboo stick - seriously???  How old is he?)


  1. OO you're on Twitter? You should totally follow me. :P

    And I understand - sometimes I just want Derek to go to bed so that I can be on the internet without having to hear sport statistics, lol

  2. LOL

    That must be why I keep backing slowly away from twitter because something about it both frustrates me and fills me with angst.

  3. I think your tweets are just fine.. you will get used to the .. hate to tell you 140 characters and find it a challenge the problem we have are the time zones xx

  4. Well I don't even understand Twitter. There I've said it. I tweet but I don't know who I'm tweeting to, whether anyone reads them or if anyone replies...I've only just mastered texting!

  5. I am a Twitter wannabe. I just can't be clever AND concise! It's one or the other...usually the former.

  6. takes a bit of getting used to but you'll soon feel relaxed with tweeting about anything. Go on, I often wonder where you are! ;0) xxx

  7. I don't understand Twitter!!


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