March 9, 2010

Just another reason to dislike FaceBook with a passion......

I've explained to you all (at great length!) just how much I dislike FaceBook.  How I dislike all the Farmville requests, the requests to "unlock" gifts, the MafiaWars requests, the folks who are pushing their Pampered Chef, PartyLite, etc. stuff (especially those that are pushing their "business!" It's a social networking site y'all!!!  Don't you get the difference between "social" and "business?").

Well, apparently, even though I have my Facebook status locked down tighter than Fort Knox (or so I thought) you can still find me if you happen to be "friends" with one of my "friends."  I don't want people to find me.  I want to be able to catch up with a few, select, special friends from home and keep an eye on Man-Child.  THAT IS IT.

But apparently, before I realized just how much I dislike Facebook - I made "friends" with a couple of my REAL friends from work (meaning people I actually like outside of work and have had into my home.  Real friends).  Well one of these friends had "friended" someone else from work - who has then sent me a friend request because she saw me through the Real Friends page (confused yet?).

Now I like this person who has made the request - she seems really nice.  But I don't talk to her every day.  We don't email back and forth.  We don't even forward funny emails to each other.  We are acquaintences - that is it.

But I don't want to be her Facebook Friend.  So far I've just ignored the request.  But how should I respond when/if she asks about it?  People get their feelings hurt over the slightest things - if I tell her how much I dislike FaceBook and only want to be in contact with certain people.....well, you see how that could go and I have to work with her (not necessarily on a day to day basis; but still - she is in a department where I need to have a good ally - yup, so office politics come into play ::sigh:: you just can't win.).

Right now?  I am seriously thinking about shutting down the whole thing.  Starting over - under an assumed name and only contacting about 6 people - but of those 6 people - they know people and then I'll be found all over again!  It's a cult, I'm telling you!  You just can't win!

I really, really dislike FaceBook right about now.....


  1. Oh, God...I don't blame you! That's a tough one. I'd probably just keep putting her off...telling her your computer's been giving you grief and there's something funky in your software on FB, so you're not adding anyone till you figure out the glitch. Tell her it could be a virus.

  2. I have had this question many times from other friends and had the issue myself. I just tell them that I barely check facebook and am probably shutting down my account soon. That's it, I leave it at that. I say it very "off the cuff" and casual so it is does not seem like a big deal. Good luck to you.

  3. I'd never thought of it before but of course, every time you reply to something, post a comment or anything you appear on other people's timelines so if you and someone else reply to the same thing the someone else will see your reply and know that you are there! .

  4. Ah the perils of Facebook! I signed up for it ages ago before blogging and got so fed up with people sending me snowballs, smiley faces and drinks etc. The only drinks I accept are cocktails and not of the virtual kind! I just deleted my account and have never been back on again. Much prefer Twitter - its so much simpler. Plus I don't need FB friends - I have my real ones and all my bloggy ones too! xx

  5. I've been having similar problems as you know since the changes. My children's friends keep befriending me...I just ignore and pretend that I never received it. Same would go for anyone I don't want on there. xx

  6. I agree with Respectfully Yours!!
    Good luck!!