March 10, 2010

It's "Freaky Friday" all over again.

Did you ever see that movie? (either the original or the re-make)  Because seriously?  That is my life right now.


Since before Man-Child was born it seems I have been battling testostrone.

Since his birth?  It has been twice the battle - so those of you with sons - watch (read) and learn - it NEVER stops.  And eventually - they switch places - just to mess with your mind - yeah cause they are evil like that (nevermind that they say women are the crafty ones; it's the males you have to watch out for....really!).

I used to ask Man-Child when he was small - "Little Man; why did you do this?"  His response?  "It wasn't me."  Being an only child he had no one else to blame but his father - and he threw him under the bus every single time (it  was actually kind of funny).  Even when I knew better.

Back then I would ask his father to do something.  His response?  "In a minute."  Which, inevitably never seemed to come (at least not fast enough for my liking).

Nowadays?  I ask Hubby something and his response is: "I didn't do that."  Although I know perfectly well he did.  And when I ask Man-Child to do something his response is "In a minute." (and you know - uncannily like his father - that minute never seems to come fast enough for my liking....)


What's a girl to do - alone in this sea of testostrone that seems intent on driving her mad?  I'm convinced; they are doing it on purpose......


  1. I feel for ya Gigi, I really do. Some days I just roll my eyes and walk away from Derek, lol. I think it's the "Y" chromosome - it makes them say stupid things.

  2. Ah, boys. They never have to grow up.

  3. Impossible to live with and without.

  4. i have two brothers and my dad is seriously just as bad and ridiculous as they are. one is 17 and the other 14. i don't know how my mother does it...and usually the older one has a bunch of friends over, so not only is there one 17 year old, but on average three.

  5. My nine year old son is OK, he never says this but my 17 year old girl is the biggest culprit of "doing it in a minute" as like in your house, that time never comes!

  6. Oh,'s a total conspiracy. They do it just to mess with our heads....(da bastards!)

    I've even got a male dog...what was I thinking??

    At least WE grow seem to stay little boys FOREVER.


  7. You mean it gets WORSE?

    Runs screaming for the hills

  8. Oh Lord, is this what I'm in for????????