March 14, 2010

Happy DST & Mother's Day!

I love Daylight Savings Time. 

I know everyone hates the aggravation and the "jet lag" of switching the clocks.  But Daylight Savings Time?  It ROCKS!


Because it is 6:45 pm and it is still daylight.  And I am still dressed.  Usually by now, I've put on the p.j.'s and prepped for bed.   Why?  Because it is dark.  And when it is dark - it's time to go to bed.  That's how I roll (yeah, big party animal over here.)

During Daylight Savings Time I tend to be super productive and generally happier - I'm convinced it's because of the extension of the sunlight.

Personally, I think they need to figure out a way to keep it lighter later longer (say that three times fast!) all year round.  It would make me one happy camper - and if I'm a happy camper then usually those around me are a bit happier as well.....just ask Hubby & Man-Child, they'll confirm that it's true.

It's only day one of DST and I have been super-super productive.

My house is clean enough that if you un-expectedly showed up at the door, I'd actually let you in rather than hiding in a closet and pretending I wasn't home (not that my house is usually a total rat's nest!  But still, I'd rather you not see it if it's not at least half-way decent....and as we've discovered in previous posts - if my family is here - then my house is not kept up to my standards [because they go behind me and purposely mess everything up!  Really!]  Hmmm-am seriously thinking they must move to the never-to-be-finished-shed/guest house ASAP.).

Laundry - while not completely done - the majority is done, folded, hung and put away (and you know laundry is the bane of my existence!).  And I can see the laundry room floor - BONUS!  (As far as ironing goes - forget it.  I don't do it - if you want something ironed in this house - you do it yourself or send it out for cleaning.)

Top tabs on blog; figured out (kinda).  For this I have Fab In Your Forties to thank.  This is something I have struggled with for months now.  I would start to mess with it, get frustrated and realize I had something more important to do and let it go.  Today Fab tweeted that she was ready to smash her computer.  As a friend, I simply could not let that happen!  So I Googled it....again.  But, as is the way with the all mighty Google, it's all in how you phrase your request.  Today I phrased it just a twitch different and hit upon the result I'd been seeking all this time.  I sent Fab the link tout-de-suite!  Hopefully it works for her (email me dear if it doesn't, we'll figure it out.  I mean it is only technology after all and as you know, we are far superior!) as it did for me.  What?  You haven't noticed my top tabs?  I realize they are tiny, but still....  There are only two for now, but I expect I'll be adding to them now that I've figured it out.

I even got a bit of shopping done today.  I have been obsessing over a scrolled mail sorter for a while now.  I have searched and searched.  I have yet to find it.  I know they are out there - I've seen them.  But now that I am searching for them?  Nowhere to be found - such is the story of my life - once it's in my head and I want it I simply can't find it.  Hmmm, note to self:  learn how to do metal work - it may be the only way to find what you are looking for....

Although I did find some boyfriend jeans and am super excited about that as they don't make me look as short (and round) as I thought they might.  So, a mini-yay!

I have also discovered that today they celebrate Mothering Day in the UK (almost tomorrow over there now....) - another thing learned from my friends across the pond.  So, to all my dear friends who are/have celebrating/celebrated today - Happy Mother's Day! 

And for those of us in the US - Happy Daylight Savings Time!!!


  1. I think I have said it before but you sound so much like, laundry, ironing and lists!! I too love DST Glad you got so much done!!
    What are boyfriend jeans?

  2. So glad you are feeling energetic. Pleased you sorted out the top tabs, it's really frustrating when you can't get these things to work. x

  3. I've tagged you in a handbag meme, if you fancy it? x

  4. Oh I didn't know that yesterday was Mothering Day in the UK.. I was wondering about that tweet, lol. Now it makes sense! And I know it's better now because of DST, we get that extra hour of daylight (it was almost 8pm when it got dark last night) but holy crap I did NOT want to get up this morning.

  5. It had better not be Mother's day here as well or some be-penised people are for the high jump.


  6. It is amazing the difference the day light makes to our lives isn't it? over here we have only 3 hours of it in dec and it quickly gets longer and longer until in the middle of summer we get 24 hour day light! And yes, we get a lot more done in the summer months than the winter ones!