March 16, 2010

My mind has been completely and totally blown.....

I have learned a lot in my short time in the blogging world.  The following is just scratches the surface of what I have learned.....

I've learned that people "across the pond" eat weirdly named things - like "Scotch Eggs"  "toad in the hole."

I've learned that those same people celebrate Mothering Day (read Mother's Day in American) in March and not May.

And most recently?  I have learned that our Canadian friends buy their milk in bags.

Yes, BAGS.

Out of all the things I've learned - it's the last that has completely freaked me out.

I don't know why.

But really?  Milk? In bags?

Apparently, they buy the milk (in bags), bring it home, snip off a corner and place the bag into a pitcher.  Why do they not just pour the milk into the pitcher and toss the bag.  That I might could understand - recycling and all. 

I'm very confused by this.

Milk -In. A. BAG.  It blows my mind......


If you would like a more detailed (and pictoral) explanation - please visit Momma where she explains how it all works (and is confused that us Americans are confused.....)


  1. Yes, some things are different in other countries. :P But I have to say, I never buy my milk in a bag; actually where I live, it's such a small town, you can't get milk in a bag, I'd have to drive 15 minutes to the next town to get milk in a bag.

  2. Yup you get that over here too Gigi

    ps. you've clearly never tasted Marmite otherwise think that would've earned a mention - a sticky black spread that looks and tastes like tar...

  3. When I was small you could buy milk in gads in the UK. My mum had a speical tuppleware jug they fitted into!!

  4. I've seen that in a supermarket here. It won't catch on, will it?! Mmm toad in the hole :-)

  5. They sell milk in bags hear in the UK as well. It's not been the same since they stopped selling it in cows....

    P.S. Toad in the hole is not that hard to cook. The secret is cutting their legs off (we then sell them to the French, marked as frogs legs) to stop them escaping.

    P.P.S. Little known fact* Scotch eggs were developed to help encourage alcoholics to eat proper food.**

    P.P.P.S. Where did you get the term mothering day - I think someone has confused this with smothering day

    * i.e. entirely made up.

    ** Not sure an egg covered in horrible reconstituted meat, rolled in saw dust, sorry I mean bread crumbs, should count as proper food***

    *** My bad, I try to forget we eat Black pudding over hear - which is basically cooked blood. Who says there are no such thing as vampires…

  6. You should have a trip to the UK to try out scotch eggs and toad in the hole first hand! If you come to London you can have jellied eels (yuk! I'm a Londoner and I've never eaten them)

  7. I have seen milk in bags in Sainsburys.

  8. You forgot to mention that they also eat "spotted dick".
    But milk in bags??? brings on a whole new meaning to milkbags....

  9. When I visit America it can take me weeks just to get round your supermarkets, they are huge and full of stuff I have no idea what it is.


    Second you have an award and a tag on my blog :)

  11. You guys totally crack me up!

    muummmmeeeeee - really? Marmite? Why would you want to eat something that looks and tastes like tar?

    Sandy - you've seen bagged milk here? I suppose it's possible - I never go into the grocery store - that's hubby's job. And no, I don't think it'll catch on anytime soon.

    BlackLOG - you are too damn funny and I had the same thought about the cows....and Black pudding - WTF is that all about?

    Make Do Mum - umm scotch eggs I'd be willing to try, milk in a bag-ok, but I draw the line at jellied eels and have now added marmite and black pudding to the list of No, Thank you.

  12. Honey, I'm with you. I've just left a comment over there.

    I mean, I'd spend the whole time just staring at their fridge must look so....weird. All those bags 'o milk....

  13. does sound weird, think I've heard of it before.

  14. By the way.....marmite is lovely!! Especially on toasted bagels. ;0))

  15. But you see, we think you doodles eat and say strange things lol....

    ok, must dash, I have to go out into the garden and find me some fresh toads cos we are having Toad in the Hole for tea :)