March 15, 2010

The dammit I forgot again - better known as the What's In Your Bag post!

The ever darling Chic Mama has tagged me in the What's In My Bag game.

I've seen this around in the blog-o-sphere and it seems fun.  So here you go (be warned - there is nothing of burning interest in there.  Now had you asked me back in the day when Man-Child was small there would have been little Lego "guys" and multitude of rocks and anything else he found of interest....)

Here's the bag.  Where's it  from?  I don't know.  Let's just call it "vintage" since I've had it forever!  I have been in the market for a new one for a while now.  But I'm picky and haven't found anything I like yet.  I'm also one of those women that would love to switch out her bag to match her outfit - but you know what?  I don't have time for that - I'm lucky I've matched my shoes in the morning much less worrying about my bag.  So this is what I lug around all the time.

As for the contents?  Ahhhh. You are very lucky (or I am since it saves me from embarrassment....) I had recently cleaned it out (prior to being tagged thank you very much!) - so the contents are extremely mundane.

As you can see, I carry the requiste makeup bag - except mine only contains Blistex (THE only thing that heals chapped lips!), the mositurizer part of my lipstick, several lipsticks I've bought and ignored since they didn't stay on as promised (hey, I'm busy - I don't want to be re-applying all the time), hand cream and possibly some emergency "products" for those "special" days that sometimes sneak up upon us....

I've got the wallet which I love.  Except for the fact that it doesn't hold change.  For that I have the spotted change purse - which for some reason, every time I use it I am reminded of being in grade school.

A check book - which frankly, gets used so seldom these days I'm surprised the checks haven't yellowed and become crisp with age.

There's the shades - which I carry around in all weather optimistically hoping for the sun to peep out.

Gum - because, well, it's gum.  You gotta have gum.

Benadryl tablets - because for some reason my dear son thinks if he pretends he doesn't have allergies then he won't suffer.  But then he does and who is the one who is prepared and ready?  Mom.  Upon retrospect, maybe I should keep them in the makeup bag instead of floating around crazily in the bag?  Hmmm, something to think about.

My little bag of crystals - which include a rose quartz, tiger-eye, quartz & some other's that I can't be bothered haven't had the time to figure out what they are - but I feel sure they are helpful....cause, they are crystals, right?  But my gripe with the pretty little bag?  It won't stay closed - ever.  So then I have all the stones floating around in the bag.

My camera case because I want to be ready for all those wonderful pictures that I take.....yeah, who am I kidding.  These two photos in this post?  Probably the only ones I've taken all year.....I lug that camera around everywhere and yet can never seem to remember that I have it on's a cute little camera though.  It's a red Nikon and I love it...whenever I can remember that I have it....

Pens, in the event I need to write something down.  No paper of course.  But I've got those checks that are going's called recycling!

And, last but not least, a tape measure.  Why?  Because you never know when you will need to measure something.  Shelves for the as yet unfinished cloest?  When you find a very cute table for that area I've been working on - is it the right size?  Of course, as my tape measure is miniscule - half the time you will find me marking the end spot with my finger and starting over from there to complete the measurement - and then you can watch with hilarity as I try to add the two measurements together.  (As an aside - God help me if the measurements on the box read in "feet" because I always have my measurements in inches and to convert that?  My brain would surely explode.  I've been known to call Man-Child and whisper furtively into the phone - "I need to know - how many feet is xxxx inches?"  I need not have bothered whispering - because all my fellow shopping patrons can hear him laughing hysterically.....::sigh:: such is my life).

I'm wondering what I could possibly be missing in there.  Ah yes, keys and phone.  But realistically, both of those are usually in my pockets - so I guess they don't count.

So now it is your turn - Bare Naked Mummy, Liz, Brighton Mum, Muummmmeeeeee......, and Mrs. Lovely.  What are you carrying around on a daily basis, hmmmmm?

Ooops!  Guess I should hit publish before I run around telling everyone they've been tagged......

PS - hmmmm, maybe check for a TITLE before hitting publish as well.... ah well, if you've known me for any length of time you should be used to this . . .


  1. Your purse is not the least bit scary. Some of them are.

  2. Oh Gigi.. I wish I had cleaned out my purse, lol. This'll be interesting, haha.. I'll have to do this in a couple of days (I'm very sleepy right now). And I was wondering why you had a tape measure in your purse, LOL.

  3. Your purse is waaaaay too organized and clean...waaaaaay too clean.

  4. Aw man, you shooulda tagged me with this one. I've got all kinds of crrap in my purse

  5. The contents were very colourful and not at all messy :) I have tagged you in a photo meme x

  6. Aw thanks for the tag Gigi - the contents of my bag are so much scarier than yours...think I might have to give it a quick spring clean before I do the post!

  7. HOw fun this is, Gigi! I will definitely have to get to it, although can't quite right now since I have a class full of kiddies working on a Reading assignment...I know, I should be grading papers!

  8. Oh bugger! Now I've got to empty out my bag...God knows what I'll find in there, everyone gives me all their crap to put in it..

  9. Oh, you are too funny! My tape measure is also too short...yet, it's cute and small. (BTW: You can use the calculator on your cell to covert inches to feet.)

    I never understood the people who change out the bag to match the outfit...I'd be constantly losing my wallet and shades...just not worth it!

  10. I always need a tape measure and can never find mine....great idea, keep it in my bag! what's a little extra weight? ;0) xx Where's the chocolate in case of emergencies? xx