March 4, 2010

So? Who are you?

I've noticed that I have accumulated quite a few new readers

Such as, "The Mad House," Amanda, "tishjett," Kristi, and Eyegirl..... (have I missed anyone?  I know I have - forgive me!)

These folks are my newest readers.  Bringing me up to 45 (where do you guys come from? I am eternally grateful, no matter how you came to be here!)

A couple of you have commented.  Thank you.

A couple of you haven't.  Why?  I'm curious.  I need to know - what drew you here and compelled you to follow; yet not comment? 

Obviously, if you've commented, I've hit a nerve.  If you haven't commented....what drew you here?

I've linked to those that I can - the others?  Well, obviously for whatever reason, I can't link.  The profiles will not let me get to them - so I can't read (and/or follow if the desire is there...and since there are no comments = no way to find you!) or link. 

I do love to check out new folks (although lately, I have been remiss....I'm sorry!!!  All I can say is that I tryb -but real life gets in the way!) but if I can't get to you....

Why is it that with some you can click on their "name" and go to their site and others you can't?

So seriously?  If you are here?  Please let me know so I can get to know you.


  1. I comment. I think your stories are honest and funny at times. Thanks for following me and supporting me too.

  2. I just love you Gigi and will always be around to comment. :)

  3. I think if people are on blogger you get to them by clicking on their name but you will find some of your readers don't have blogs themselves so there is no link, you only see their name.

  4. It never even dawned on me that they might not have blogs! That explains it.

  5. I've just found you and have followed - because I followed a link from another blog i like and so think I may enjoy what i read here.

  6. I have a new follower ...maybe a couple that I can't find their blogs so maybe they don't have one and they don't comment either. I was wondering about that myself. I don't know what to do either.