July 21, 2009

Being Green ain't that easy

I want to be more green, I really do.

I am the queen of recycling – if I see something in the trash that should be recycled – whoever is to blame gets a lecture. I use cloth bags for all my shopping. I have tried to force my husband to use them since he does all the grocery shopping; but he refuses to be caught dead carrying them. Although, I must admit that I don’t blame him since most of my bags are very ~ahem~ feminine. So instead, I insist that he return all the plastic bags back to the store to be recycled – which, if the truth be told, he waits until we can’t walk into the pantry because there are so many and then, only because I have a fit.

I have a rain barrel that is finally up and ready to go. No significant rain yet though. Although, I would like to have a pump on that baby! How cool would that be?

I have an insulated lunch bag and bring my food in re-usable containers rather than plastic bags. I have insisted that one of my usual lunch partners do the same – since he was throwing away at least 3 or 4 baggies a day! Wasteful.

I use a “green” dry cleaner. Although, they still wrap the clothes in all that plastic – so just how green can they be?

I have intentions of making my own cleaners, detergents, etc. I even have all the ingredients to do so. So what is stopping me? Convenience and the assumption that they won’t work quite like their commercial adversaries do. Plus I’ve read that some of the homemade detergents can ruin your washing machine & dishwasher. So, I keep putting it off.

I’ve tried to buy some of the “greener” products on the market. But they don’t seem to clean up to my standards – which is what makes me think making my own won’t be much better.

It’s also hard to be greener when you have to fight against your own family’s mind-set. My husband is the most wasteful person of papertowels. It’s scary how many we go through. I’ve tried sponges and washable cloths. The problem with this is that he has a tendency to leave them in the bottom of the sink all wet. Which then grosses me out completely when I pick it up and it is all cold and slimy. So I end up throwing it out and we go back to papertowels. I realize that he is “old school” and trying to teach this dog new tricks is probably a waste of my time and breath. But honestly – would it kill him to wring out the cloth or sponge?

So anyway, while I’ll never be an “eco-warrior” I will still try to do my own little part to be greener. What do you do? Do you have any tips, ideas, or particular “greener” products that work for you? Feel free to share.


"It isn't easy being green" ~ Kermit, the Frog

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