July 29, 2009

How Much To Share?

As I am slowly working my way into the blogosphere – I keep asking myself how much information to expose. I realize that I have to be real and I have to be honest and share – but how much? If I’m not any of those things then truly I have nothing to say.

I would like to write more about my son – but once he figures out that I am blogging (and I think he has an inkling) will he appreciate some of the stories I could share? Most likely not. As it is; I know he has stolen his naked baby pictures out of the family album so that no one will ever see his cute little tiny baby tush (sssssh, don’t tell him but I know where he hid them and have posted for you to see! Wasn’t he a cutie pie?!  Yes, I am a mean and sneaky mom – I admit it).  


So, I feel pretty certain that any sharing of info about him would be taboo. You know how easily we parents can embarrass our teens to death! Ditto for hubby-kins.

Then there’s the whole safety issue. Although I’m sure all the folks that read my blog (wait a minute – I’m busy rolling on the floor and laughing hysterically at that comment – particularly since I think I’m just about the only one reading it.) are exactly as cool, friendly and safe as they seem to be (and for the record, I am cool, friendly and safe).

So where do you draw the line?


PS – I just realized I have two; count ‘em TWO followers – so apparently I’m not the only one reading what I jot down.  Many, many thanks to Liz and Chic Mama for joining me in my nutty little world!

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  1. Lovely pictures. I've tagged you in a meme.
    Hope you enjoy. :0)