July 27, 2009

A Mid-Afternoon Mini Rant

All I wanted was a Snickers bar. Granted, I don’t need a Snickers bar. But I was lusting for one.

Instead, I had to settle for M&Ms. Not that there is anything wrong with M&Ms – but they are not a Snickers.

The reason I had to settle is because for whatever reason our breakroom is so damn hot it melts anything chocolate in the vending machine. Except, of course, for the M&Ms – which melt in your mouth – not in the vending machine.

I have complained to Office Services before. As the breakroom is mostly windows they tell me there is nothing to be done. Really?? It’s hot enough to melt the chocolate right off the candy bars and there is nothing to be done? Sounds like out and out bs to me. So what about the folks who eat lunch out there – should one suffer from heat stroke would that make Office Services take another look? My stars – the CHOCOLATE IS MELTING!!! That alone should make someone sit up and take notice. That means its really, really hot in there!

Now I have eaten a bag of M&Ms I didn’t want and the guilt is setting in. ::sigh::


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