July 29, 2009

Patio Saga

Oh the tug of war between us.

He wants a patio; I think the money would be better spent somewhere else – say like toward or son’s outrageous tutition or maybe toward getting him a new bed since the one he currently has is in horrible condition

The outcome? We now have a perfectly lovely patio that we just did not need to have right now.

As I am sure you don’t know (how can you since I just stared blogging?) we moved into our home in September (after waiting forever for it to be built). We send our son to a Catholic High School which charges an eye-popping amount for tuition; not to mention all the various mandatory fees, books, etc. So as I’m sure you realize between that and the new mortgage – things are pretty tight.

I’m a patient woman – I need new dining room furniture. I would like to do some other things to the house. We NEED an outbuilding. But, I can wait. I don’t have to have any of these things right now. In my opinion, the patio should have been one of the lower priorities.

But in his opinion; we need the patio so he can have a place to put his beloved grill. And we need to get our old patio furniture off the screened-in porch and onto the patio to make room for outdoor furniture that we don’t even have yet! Yes, it’s all logical – in his mind.

He is our financial guy. He pays the bills, etc. We generally discuss major purchases and usually agree. He is very conservative when it comes to money (well, in pretty much every other aspect of life too, come to think of it). That’s why this decision is such a surprise to me.

But yet, he is currently on the phone with me telling me how poor we are. I’m biting my tongue – hard. Really, really hard.

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  1. LOL- that's men for you isn't it! Get their priorities right!