July 18, 2009

Why Can't I Decide??

What is wrong with me? I just can't make decisions on certain things. I need/want a new phone. I'm torn between the Blackberry Curve and the HTC Ozone. I've read the reviews, compared the features, etc.

I've even waited for two weeks for the HTC Ozone to be available in the store so I could go look at it and play with it and physically compare it to the Blackberry.






This is not a life or death decision -- those I can make with my eyes closed. I also realize that I can return it if I don't like it. But still ... how too choose?

These are the kinds of things that make me crazy. It shouldn't be a hard thing. So why is it?

All I want is a smartphone. That's it. But the choices are too many. I've finally narrowed it down to these two and am now stuck.

I've done this before when trying to decide what color to paint my old hallway. I had paint chips taped to the wall for THREE months. Again, not a life or death decision and I could always paint over it if I didn't like it but there again the decision was agonizing.

My hubby's no help in this decision either since he is of the opinion that I don't NEED a smartphone and thinks it's stupid that I am insisting that I do. But yet when he says we NEED a patio poured and I don't ..... well, that's another conversation all together.

So here I sit obsessively comparing the phones online . . . while my laundry is patiently waiting to be done.

So have a heart - give me an opinion; something. I need help.

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  1. I am the worst decision maker too. I could so see myself debating forever about things like paint and phones! I am in the middle of trying to choose a laptop...oh boy...it will be months.