July 30, 2009


So, really, blogging and blog-reading is addictive.  Tell me about it.  I just spent 2 hours of my 7.5 work day actually working.  This is not good.  Granted, our department has been very slow (hey, if the legal department is slow that’s a GOOD thing!), but honestly – I don’t need to be on the Net that much at work!!  Discipline.  I need more of this.  Memo to self: Cut It Out!!  This is why they have filters and limited access – because of people like me!

Texting While Driving Ban.  Really?  Are we that stupid as humans that we need to have bill for this?  Even as enamored with my new Blackberry as I am, I would never even dream about trying to text while driving – I’m a bad enough driver as it is!!!!!

Rain!  Come on and rain already!!  I’m feeling far too lazy to go out and water my plants!  What the heck is this forecast for 40% chance every day if I don’t get a little?  Update:  I’m getting some as we speak!!  Not THAT kind!!  Get your mind out of the gutter.

Hubby.  What the hell does it matter to you?  I want to cut out a square around the tree.  Did I ask you to do it?  No.  I wanted to dig a trench so I could set up a sprinkler system.  Did I ask you to do it?  Again, no.  So quit questioning me!!!!!  Just roll with it already.

Neighbor guy.  Really??  Why do you have to mow (or whatever  it is you are doing) every other day?  Do you dislike your family so much that you feel the need to be out in the yard making so much noise while I’m trying to relax??

Other neighbor guy.  Why are you such an ass?

Again, blogging is addictive.  This will be my third post of the day.  If I don’t delete it that is.  I tend to write stuff and then realize it’s absolute total crap and I don’t want it out there for you to see (yes my friends, I’m thinking of you – if you saw some of the stuff I deleted you would thank me for not wasting your time!)

Man-Child.  Do. Not. Tell. Me. To. CHILL. ever again.  Or I just may kill you.  I’m serious.

Kid Rock.  Please come back soon.  I had a FABULOUS time at your concert!  As one of my girlfriends described you, “You are skanky-hot!”  I myself don’t find you adorable, but still, I love your new album (oops, just dated myself there! Do they even call them albums anymore?  Told you I was cool!)

I’m thinking in “blogs” now.  Is this normal???

Hubby and Man-Child.  Really, what is the deal with flat surfaces?  How hard is it to throw something away, put something in the recycle bin, or back in the pantry?  Really??  Is there some kind of testosterone thing that prevents you from doing this?  Can it be surgically fixed?  ‘Cause I’m willing to pay for it if it is!

Okay, I’ve bored you enough with the random thoughts floating through my brain.  I’ll go ahead and post this . . . or maybe not.


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