May 13, 2010

Gigi's Rotten, Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Day.....

I'm sick to my stomach.  I'm scared.  I'm angry.  I'm (almost) speechless.

Today, I received not one but three phone calls at work from Hubby. 

Usually, he calls me in the morning just to check in.  Any other information that flows between us during the day is usually via email.  Unless it's something important.  I can't remember why he called the second time.  It wasn't important.

But....the third phone call?  The one I wish I'd never received?  It was important.  Uber-important.

He called to let me know that he'd just been let go.

After 12 years of giving his blood, sweat and tears to that place.

What ticks me off?  Is that he is least-paid and respected manager; but yet he was the one who always managed to pull the miracles off.  Yet he was the only one released. 

You know what else ticks me off?  He was only given about 3 weeks severance - for 12 years of service.  For 12 years of being on call 24/7.  For 12 years of (pardon me but...) fucking with our family time.

At first I was angry that he called me at work - why couldn't he wait till I got home.  Do you know how hard it was to hold it together for the rest of the day?

But then I realized, it was better that he did tell me before hand.  So I could compose myself for our son.  Who is a worrier (just like his dad).  And I can tell, he's worried.  He asked me when his dad was out of earshot if we will be okay.

I know will be okay (hopefully) in the short term.  Yeah, our finances aren't were they should be, but at least until unemployment runs out (hopefully we won't get to that point!) we should be okay.

I try really hard to look for the positives (usually) in most situations - so I'm hoping that this is a "one door closing and another one opening" type of thing (pleeeeaaaasssssee let it be that type of thing).

So far, Hubby is taking it far better than me.

Like I said, he's a worrier.  And for the most part of our marriage, since he's taken on that role I haven't worried.  Even when things were pretty darn bad.

But now?  I'm worried. 

And his ex-boss?  He'd better be worried too.  Cause if I see him on the street...... let's just say I'm not making any promises that the car won't suddenly jump the curb and mow him down.....

Who's willing to be my alibi?


  1. That really sucks rotten eggs. Hang in there. Obama is on the way...

  2. Oh, Gigi! I would lose the very last iota of sanity I have left. My BIL just found a job after 10 months and lots of credit card debt and sold off investments. I wish you well and will say a prayer for you. Good luck!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about this! Please know I am thinking about you and sending you lots of positive thoughts!

  4. OH No. This is terrible. Things are so hard for so many people. I do hope that he manages to find something soon.

  5. Holy Shit, that sucks big time. I am so sorry. I will keep positive thoughts for you and your family. Stay tight, this too will pass. HUGS

  6. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. I do hope he finds something else quickly.

  7. So sorry to hear about hubby losing your job. It's scary, Derek was on unemployment for a few months before going back to school and now there's no guarantee of a job so he'll be back on the job hunt again and it worries me. But, breathe in, breathe out, it'll all be ok. That's what I tell myself anyway!

    Oh and if anyone asks, you were with me the whole time.

  8. Oh what a rotten thing to happen and what a horrible bolt from the blue. Are they allowed to do this? Is it legal for them to only give him 3 weeks severance? here in the UK it is usually 1 months salary for every year worked.

    I hope he finds something soon x

  9. Thinking of you Gigi.. I know how hard uncertainty can

  10. Oh man, that really stinks. The only thing is, maybe in the long run, it will be much better. I HATED my last job/manager- really the manager. And even though I quit to move, the sense of relief was overwhelming. I had been having health problems from the stress. Let's hope hubby can regroup, and who knows, maybe find another path the really makes him happy.

  11. I'm so so sorry. What pigs!!! I bet you are all scared. Thinking of you all, I know I can't help but if I could I would. Take care and TRY ( hard I know) not to worry too much. Take care. xxxx

  12. Oh no! I hope your hubby finds a new job somewhere he is appreciated. I'm sure it'll all work out for x

  13. Oh that really does suck. Hopefully there will be a silver lining. Best of luck and lots of hugs!

  14. You were here with me!! ;)
    Im so sorry to hear and read about this.
    Lots & Lots (and a alibi) of hugs for you!! xx

  15. I am so sorry to here this!! You were with Blase` and me :)

    My principal just asked us (all the teacher assistants..the lowest paid) to go 90%. We all said no so now we are wondering if she will make us.

  16. Oh Gigi - that's awful! I'm so sorry for you all. Really hope he finds another job quickly and his old boss stays firmly out of your way. Thinking of you honey x

  17. I've got your back, girlfriend. Mow that mutha'll ever hear it from me.

    I'm so sorry...this is so. not. fair.