May 20, 2010

WHAT did I just do??

You simply won't believe it.

I don't. 

Sometimes I truly wonder about my sanity.

I just told Hubby he needs to join the blogging world.

I know!  It's official.  I've lost it.

The one I've kept to myself.  (yes, he knows I blog, but he hasn't seen! He hasn't read! That I know of.....really? If he gave it any thought he could find me easily....)

Apparently, sometimes my mouth runs away with itself.  (see previous posting several days ago about offering to co-host a baby shower during uncertain times - I'd find it, but I'm lazy.)

Hubby came to me today and asked, "Do you know anyone who knows how to build a website?" (in retrospect, I probably do.....).  Apparently, he was thinking about starting a cooking website. 

Me, the ever helpful spouse responded, "Start a blog."  He - who obviously has NO idea what a blog is all about - said,

"No.  I want something interactive, where I can have ads and answer questions."  (I'll patiently wait while you laugh hysterically).  Yet, I persisted.

"You can have that with a blog.  You can have ads.  Blogging is VERY interactive.  You can even buy your own domain name and some people can actually make money off blogging."  He responded with, "What's a domain name?"  I explained it all in detail to him.  And bless me, if he didn't wander away seeming interested.

So, what's the problem, you might be asking?

Well, if he starts blogging - as his beautiful and talented wife I will have to follow him (although I have absolutely no interest in cooking....) and as he is my very manly and studly husband he will have to follow me (although - most of the time - he has absolutely no interest in what I have going on in my head [or so it seems]).

I realize this blog is tame.  There is nothing to hide here.  But it's mine.  If I want to bitch about Hubby and Man-Child, I can - and do.  At length.  If I want to talk about people we know - I do.  And it's nothing new to either of them.  Whatever I say to y'all (mostly) I say to them. 

But it's mine!!

I don't want to share!

But I do want him to find a hobby (I always have - even before the layoff.).  I want him to do something that he loves.  And I really think (especially if he got started and realized how much fun it is) he might like blogging (although I also have a nagging suspiscion that I might be doing most of the typing....).

So what do y'all think?  Should I encourage this -- or leave well enough alone?


  1. Oh I understand. My husband actually refuses to read my blog and I am kind of happy about that!!

  2. Does it mean you have to share the computer? That would be a pain. Wait and see if he follows up with you to get more info.

    My hubby enjoys reading my blog and all your comments. He knows who you all are even though he doesn't blog himself.

  3. I am in the same boat with RY: hubby doesn't blog but reads mine and also all the ones on my sidebar, especially when you leave some especially zingy comment on my blog!

  4. Respectfully Yours asked my question... about having to share the computer. Might be fun to have a shared interest in blogging, no so much with sharing the computer.

  5. Yes have separate computers and do your own thing!! It might be a good outlet for him.


    Art by Karena

  6. I'd encourage him onto the golf course!

  7. I think it's a great idea. Apart from the having to share PC time, and him reading your blog, as you said, you like to let off steam. And I will admit OH knows about and reads mine, and it does sometimes make me feel a little constricted when I want to just have a good old whinge/bitch. But a foodie blog by a man would be a brilliant idea. I know there are some around, but not as many as female foodie blogs, I think? Tell him I'd follow him. Don't know what to suggest about him reading 'Your' blog though. Maybe start another blog, different name? or is that too sneaky? Food for thought??

  8. Ooooh!!!! 'Food for Thought' would be a great blog name for him...?

  9. Brilliant idea! You could read but not follow....;0)
    There seems to be some real popularity in men blogging, especially about cooking...could be a great niche there. XX

  10. Oooh it's a tough one! It is your very own thing so I know what you mean. OH is on Twitter but doesnt read the blog much these days as it's pure fashion now. He could be in with a good site concept though....? xx

  11. Don't think I would encourage him!!


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