May 7, 2010

Why is it always celebrated with food?

My husband believes that any and every celebration cannot be celebrated unless there is food involved.

I'm just guessing here, but am assuming it's because he's Italian?

Don't get me wrong.  I like food.  I even eat it on occasion. 

But every, single holiday or celebration?  There must be copious amounts of food.  Even if it's only the three of us.  And although Man-Child can put away just about twice his weight in food - even his appetite is no match for the amount of food his father can produce.

Today, he asked me if I wanted to have a cook out for Mother's Day.  Emmmm.  Not really.  Whether it's just us or with friends - this means cleaning, cleaning and some more cleaning.  And isn't it kind of against the law for me to have to do any kind of labor on Mother's Day?  Well, okay, maybe not against the law - but it certainly isn't in the whole spirit of the day, now is it?

I am certainly not complaining about Hubby.  Because this is a man who can (and does) cook - and if we are having a cook out - either just us or a whole bunch of friends - he does it all.  But I'm in charge of cleaning before, during and usually after (although he will help if asked; sometimes.  Unless he's in the middle of cooking and then he's all "Can't you see I'm cooking here?  And I'm all, "Well, sorry!  But this can't be moved/done/fixed by just me! And you know this must be done before the guests arrive.") - so yeah not exactly what I want to be doing on Mother's Day.  A day when I should be waited on hand and foot.  Loved unconditionally.  A day when no one argues with me or talks back.  And I should be lavished with gifts.

So I think we've reached a compromise.  I believe we are going out to eat.

At least I won't have to clean the dishes.....

In case I don't get a chance let me wish all you Mothers out their a very happy day - doing whatever it is your heart desires!


  1. How ever you decide to celebrate it... have a "Happy Mother's Day!"

  2. And I agree, no mom labor should be involved! We already went through labor!

  3. Great choice..Have a Fantastic Mothers Day!!

  4. Going out to eat is a much better idea! Derek & I are going to my Mom's tomorrow and we're buying her supper!

  5. A very happy Mother's Day, in the UK we have ours in March.

  6. He's Italian...and he cooks...what a catch! Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day Gigi x

    Put your foot firmly down Gigi


  8. LOL Sorry, but I am with him! Love love lots of food. Every reason to celebrate require it? Yes.
    Happy Mothers Day to you!

  9. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! I agree...I requested to go out to eat!!

  10. Happy Mother's Day to a very cute and sexy Blogger.


  11. I have to agree with your husband I'm afraid....every occasion has to involve food. I blame it on my star sign though. ;0)
    I hope you did go out and get cooked for though yesterday. xx

  12. HOpe you don't mind, but I included you in a game I was tagged in. Come on over and see what I got you into. LOL