May 27, 2010

Hello? Guiness Book of World Records? You need to come see me.....

It has NOT been a good week for various reasons.....

But, the big one was today.

A little back story, if you will.....yesterday morning I jumped on the scale, as I do every morning (yes, yes, I know!  You aren't supposed to weigh yourself everyday; but if I don't then I can rationalize that I haven't been as bad as I thought - even though I  know how bad I've been....) and lo and behold.....I had hit the "magic" number (actually an ounce under)!!  Ladies, you all know what I speak of.....

That number.  The one that you secretly, deep down, in your heart of hearts, aspire to reach - but know in that sane part of your brain that you will never, ever attain - and really?  Should you?  At your age?

I HAD HIT IT!!!!!  It totally made my morning (again, I know that it's not about the number but your health.... I KNOW!  In the rational part of my brain - but in the other part?  I was going "YESSSSS!!)

So this morning, I hop on the scale all confident and sassy . . . . and what do I see???? 

Apparently, I've gained FIVE pounds OVERNIGHT!!  Not the normal one or two pound flucuation that I've come to expect .... but FIVE WHOLE POUNDS!  AND?? To add insult to injury - I hadn't done anything different!  Nothing.  Not. One. Single. Thing!  How did this happen?!

Seriously??!!  How does that EVEN  physically happen??????

Personally, I think it is not possible and that someone should call someone and that this needs to be in the Guiness Book of World Records or something......


  1. I stopped reading at- "I jumped on the scale".

    I don't want to bring unnecessary hardships my way...

  2. That higher number is not real! Don't believe it!

  3. Gasp! The reason I avoid scales unless I am forced to by the doctor. I can tell what's real or not by the fit of my trusty clothes. I agree, the higher number is not real. Listen to Betty.

  4. Meh... I say it is just water...or time for a new scale. Chuck that evil thing out and don't look back:)

  5. Feel for you...mine does the same...not quite 5lbs but still. ((HUGS)) xx

  6. I also weigh myself every single day. It is the ONLY way I can maintain my weight.

    I went back on the pill on Sunday. By Wednesday, I was up four+ pounds.

    For your situation, it can be any number of things, water weight, if you haven't used the bathroom, if you've been eating a lot of salt.

    Or it could be a scale malfunction :)

  7. That is the most beautiful feeling in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I hope to reach it someday.

  8. I would be upset too!! I am sure it is gone now!

  9. Sometimes I gain weight just by thinking about food. But I'm ok with it because I got a great rack and hips that make some men salivate.

    There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. I am confident in how I look, but I have no disillusions so I am not arrogant. However, the only numbers you should be worried about are cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. Love thy body Gigi, you'll feel better when you do.

  10. Someone's messing with your scale. Isn't it obvious?? Where was hubby during this debacle?

    It seems to me that the first number is the correct number...and to hell with the other one.

    Oh, and throw out that scale.

  11. some kind of weird salt retention thing - it wil disappear just as quickly..

  12. Those scales are evil, evil, evil and should be sent to scale hell...


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