May 12, 2010

Someone send a memo to management! And a few crazed, ramblings.....

Not reading y'all at work (during DOWN TIME) is seriously cramping my style.

Somebody send a memo to management.  ASAP.  This must be remedied.  STAT! (how'd you like the use of acronyms there?)

Granted, I've not been particularly inspired lately (i.e., nothing has been fantastically funny (to me anyway) or has horrifically ticked me off.....) but still...

If I get my reading done early.  Then there isn't so much "catch up" time later.  Which gives me plenty of time for "witty" (at least in my mind! If you feel they aren't - keep it to yourself...) comments and plenty of time to think - which in turn gives me blog fodder (if you actually saw into my brain - you would understand that statement - there is so much swirling around up there).

But despite the constraints that "The Man" has put on me - I have been able to create two posts today.  Thanks only to a miracle (and Respectfully Yours).  And, that is, if you actually consider this a "post" rather than just some ramblings of a crazed woman.

Ahhh, BUT you ARE reading the ramblings of a crazed we jump from one subject to another.

Let's chat about Nair, shall we?  They have this fantastical, new product.  It's called Shower Power.  According to the directions (and the website) this product has amazing water-resistent properties so that you can use it in the shower.  If you follow the directions.

So guess what?  I attempted to use the product for some "maintenance."  I followed the directions.  Emmm, didn't seem to work as well as advertised.

But I will give it another shot tomorrow.  Maybe their idea of waiting a "minute" and my idea of a "minute" is two different things.....we'll see if this topic gets re-visited tomorrow as  to whether or not it worked or if it all went horribly, horribly wrong.

Now let's move on to this Disqus-thing that is overtaking blogs everywhere.  Okay, I understand it.  As a blogger you do want some kind of control over your blog.  You don't want spam.  You want to be able to respond, etc.  I get it.

Here is what I don't get.  How come on one blog that utilizes Disqus, I don't have to type anything in?  When I check on that blog it automatically knows it's me and fills in all the info? (which if you think about it too much, could be kinda scary)  But on all the other blogs?  I have to type in everything?

Someone PLEASE explain this to me.  Because if there is a way to make it so my info fills in automatically every time that would make me happy (if not slightly paranoid).

Now, those of y'all that utilize Disqus - please don't take offense.  I will fill in all the info requested when I have something to say; believe me (have I ever let you down?).  But the whole why one blog recognizes me and the others don't is driving me crazy.  So if anyone can help me figure this one out - you'll be my best friend forever!!


  1. Disqus... don't like it. When I follow a new blog that has it, I have to set it up, then it recognizes me the next time. Personally, I'd rather type a captcha code and have comment moderation, than deal with Disqus, but if I like the blog, I deal with it.

  2. Ok, watch out for that Nair and the time limits. One time in Florida I used it and left it on too long. It left tiny little holes in my legs...then it scabbed over and looked like a bad burn. Yikes. Take care, have a good evening.

  3. Heeey Gigi!

    I've missed dropping by, but so happy I did today! Ahhh Nair...when I was in high school, I tried Nair on my face. I know...stupid, huh? Needless to say, I didn't have facial hair the next day in school, but I had burn marks on my face!

  4. I have noticed the same thing about Disqus and was wondering about that!!!