May 3, 2010

So seriously?? How do some people get away with it???

So.....we've got this one woman in our department.

She cries and moans about how over-worked she is - all the freakin' time.

Seriously?  I've been at this company for almost nine years, in this particular department for at least six years.  And can I tell you?  I have yet to meet one person who is over-worked.  Period.  In fact, I'm thinking my company should hire me as an efficiency consultant; because I know what dead wood looks like when I see it.....

Anyway, this particular woman has been known to go "missing" during the day.  Her lunch hours seem particularly long and her days particularly short.

The woman who held my job before me (who has since left the company) once told me (after she left) that this woman had told her that she would leave her purse at her desk and her computer on so folks would think she was around somewhere.  (ok - first off, how bright is that?  To actually tell someone who works with you your ploy?).  She once mentioned to another employee that she'd gone out to see a movie in the middle of the day!  (yeah, not the brightest bulb in the package....) So yeah, we all know that she is screwing off.  Not our business.  Whatever.  Karma, baby.  (unfortunately, karma seems to take it's own sweet time about coming around....)

Until....she starts foisting work off on the rest of us.  Which, really?  Would be fine if you are sooooo swamped, but when your not....doesn't really foster that team atmosphere now does it?  But whatever, none of us are so busy that we can't handle it.  In fact, some of us even welcome it - because nothing makes a day longer than having nothing to do.   And besides it kind of makes us look even better when the annual reviews come around....

But today?  Do you know what happened today?

Her immediate supervisor was out (and he's a whole 'nother post in himself.....and I'm pretty sure he knows what she's up to but doesn't care because he's cut from the same cloth.....).  And suddenly, she went missing.  Normally, we wouldn't really notice because she's around the corner.  But then not one, but two, people came around asking if we'd seen her. . . of course, we hadn't - but antennaes were raised at the mention of her computer being on and her purse sitting there.... 

A little while later, a co-worker went to drop some paperwork off in the missing woman's supervisor's office.  It was locked, but the co-worker had a key so she let herself in.  Guess who was in the floor? With the lights off?  Apparently, when she heard the key, she began to scramble and act like she'd dropped something.  But no, it was pretty apparent....she was sleeping in there!

This woman comes and goes as she pleases.  She disappears for long stretches of time.  She is foisting her work off on other people - and . . . she is napping in the her boss' office? 

First of all - where does she get the nerve?  I could never even begin to think about pulling some of the stuff she does (but then again, I have a work ethic....).  And particularly in this economy!  People are fighting for jobs out there - and for a job at this company?  Forget about it.  Most of the people here are "lifers" and for good reason!  And second of all, seriously?  Does she really think no one notices?  Or makes comments? 

I would like to think she's seriously worried (I hope) that my co-worker doesn't drop a comment to key people.  But somehow....I doubt it.  She's skated this long - why should she start worrying now?

Seriously, they need to hire me as a consultant - I know dead wood when I see it.


Yeah, I know.  Three posts in one day....I'm on a roll!


  1. I could not hold my tongue. I admit it, I would blab, that is totally outragious!!! I am truly stunned.

  2. Does that mean that everyone that knows, is being an enabler? You're right, so many people out there need jobs. This woman even recruits others to do her work, while she shirks. I can't begin to tell you how much I would resent working with her.

  3. people like that make me lose my faith in humanity. people like you help me regain it :)

  4. I think everyone has one of these - in work we have one who my husband has nicknamed the facebook fairy who plays on FB all day and only does work when her supervisor is in. She sucks up to her big time and is always going on about things like this week she has to go to a meet and greet and she says she won't be able to cope and will probaly end up leaving. It is soooo annoying when there are three of us in the office who work our damn socks off , yet it is her who gets the praise for things the other two do (I'm in same office but different department type thing!!)
    BNM (whose getting better btw!)

  5. I'm looking at the unemployment figures, imagine it's not much better your side of the big pond...and wondering why anybody would be so downright stupid that they'd play Russian roulette with their job.

  6. What a wench. I understand where you're coming from Gigi, I too, have that awful affliction of a "work ethic", haha.

  7. You said it all when you said that sometimes karma takes its own sweet time coming around. But it will. How can she live with herself? Or maybe she will cry buckets when she's unemployed. I thought you were going to say that the two of them, her and the boss, were in there together on the floor!

  8. O.M.G. I would totally notify the nearest supervisor (who isn't her cohort!) This person is essentially stealing from the company by being paid to do work and then LITERALLY sleeping on the job.

    The sooner she's out, the sooner a competent person can be hired. (Or maybe you could be promoted!)

  9. "Roll", baby Roll!

    Folks are very hard to work with.

  10. I would have to tell!! I could not keep my mouth shut!!

  11. Wow. Like you said, where does she get the nerve?!

  12. Wow, seriously? I almost admire her for her audacity. Kinda makes you want to stand back and start applauding. Napping in the bosses office? Pure genius!

    And there's no way in hell I would keep my mouth shut, not a chance. In fact I'd have come running back into the office shouting about what I'd just seen - when i could stop laughing that is.

  13. Just passing by way of Heather from Notes from Lapland who tweeted your post.

    What to say? Priceless. Am great believer in 'what goes around, comes around', so unless the big boss has also been caught napping, I would say this woman's time is UP baby! And not a moment too soon either it would seem.

    Question: who gets to bag the blanket and pillow from her nap time when she goes?

    V funny. Come visit me some time as well.

    LCM x

  14. OMFG how do people get away with this stuff. I had a coworker who strolled in 45 minutes late every day and left almost a hour earlier... AND I was the one who got laid off. Go figure!

    Geez sleeping in the bosses office.

  15. I can't help but laugh at her cheek! Unbelievable....I hope she gets found out. X

  16. Unbelievable! Sounds like she puts more effort into skiving than she does working...

  17. I have no idea how anyone holds their tongue with situations like this! I would HAVE to say something, though would probably live to regret it. Messengers always seem to end up shot don't they?

    Great post

    MD x


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