May 21, 2010

TGIF, y'all!

Let's put this week to rest once and for all!

We all know how this week started (well, actually how last weekend started....) but now lets take a quick look-see to see how it ensued.

Hmmmm.  Most of it pretty boring.

Very boring, in fact.  So boring there were several times when I was in danger of falling asleep at my desk and slamming my face into my keyboard, risking a permanent tattoo of the alphabet (in QWERTY-fashion) across my forehead.

But today?  Ah, today was anything but boring.  For many reasons, but here is the one I've decided was most blog-worthy (do y'all do that too?  Go about your day thinking, "hmmm, is this event blog-worthy?  No?  How about this one?"  I do that all. day. long!)

Today my car got serviced. 

It had been doing an awful shake and shimmy when I happened to creep up past 60 mph.  If I happened to hit 70?  Well, let's just say it could get kinda dicey.

Admittedly, I've ignored it for a while ('cause really?  I'm driving a tin can with wheels - what else would you expect it to do?).  I finally mentioned it and a curious "fluttering" noise to my guy when he changed my oil last.  He looked into it.  I was more concerned about the fluttering noise, if the truth be told.  I figured it meant my wheel was about to fall off.  Turns out the fluttering noise was nothing - just a funny spot on my tire.  Nothing dangerous. 

Ahh, but the shuddering?  Apparently not good at all.  On many levels.  And?  It would be the reason my tire might fall off - while I'm rocketing down I-40 doing 75 mph 60 mph (who me speed?? No, never!  I swear!).

Apparently my lower ball joint was going - that really sounds like I need a hip replacement and nothing at all to do with a car....

And, apparently, I had it repaired just in time.  According to my guy - if I'd hit one deep pothole this morning.....let's just say it's entirely possible we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

So a mere $250 later I am apparently A-OK to be rocketing down I-40.

I'll have to test it out tomorrow....


  1. Glad it was only costly money-wise and not otherwise!

  2. Oh my, cars are expensive to fix. I have had to replace the front two struts on my car. Cost me almost $400. Damn cars..

  3. I think it was GREAT you got it fixed in time and we are not having a conversation about the awful event that MIGHT have happened to you. Whew! Your guardian angels were working overtime.

  4. Car troubles are the worst. Glad you are all fixed up.

  5. I swear my lower ball joint has gone and I don't even drive a car!

  6. Lucky you got it checked! Cars, a bit like kids really, you've always got your hand in your pocket...But of course, with kids, bits don't tend to drop off!

  7. Oh thank goodnes you went and got it fixed! So worth the money!!

  8. Your car sounds a bit like mine! Better get my lower ball joints checked....


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