May 6, 2010

If you thought I was quiet before......and a follow up

Let me preface this by saying:  I don't blog at work.  Period. 

Yes, I may take a spare moment to type up some notes, or the beginnings of a blog, but that's it - I do not post.

I will however read blogs at work - during down time only - and very, very occasionally will I post comments.  That's it. (Because truly?  It's the only way I can keep up - you guys are busy writers!)

I tried to log in yesterday - and apparently Big Brother's filter has finally caught up with me.  *sigh* I knew this day was bound to come.

Although, I have found a way around it so that I could continue to read you all - I still can't comment.  The problem is that if I read it - and want to comment - I have to somehow remember that I wanted to comment, where I wanted to comment and what I wanted to say that was so desperately important that I say it right then.

So, I have decided (for the time being) that I will not even attempt to read at work (which truly?  If I'm staring at a computer screen during down time at least I am looking busy as compared to staring out the window and sighing heavily every few minutes.....) which means that I will have limited time to read and comment in the wee hours of the morning and in the evening; which is when Man-Child is leaning over my shoulder every two minutes saying, "Ya done yet?"  "How about now?"  "Are you still on the computer?" (Yeah, I'm thinking someone might be getting a computer come birthday time.....for the two of them to share to leave this one to me!  Although, I really, really, really like having the control of knowing where he's been and what he's been up too.....'cause y'all?  Although our little corner is nice and safe - not all of the internet is such a nice place)

Anyway - I wanted to follow up on the post I did the other day - you know about the slacker.  (Yeah, I tried to respond to some of y'all personally - but apparently you don't have an email attached to your name.....)Yes, I agree that a supervisor needs to be told BUT since I wasn't the one who discovered her I really can't say anything (hearsay, you know).  Plus, office politics being what they are - the one doing the telling could be considered "catty" at best.  Another thing would be the big boss (who would really need to be the one told - as her immediate supervisor shields her) isn't exactly known for his listening skills or for his ability to manage "staff" issues (believe me, I've lived to tell the tale).  So the slacker will just continue to get away with stuff like this until management catches her - and it'll happen.  Eventually.  Probably long after I'm dead.  But it'll happen - I'm sure of it.  Anyone that emboldened is bound to slip up sooner or later.


  1. Remember to (discretely) discard that banana peel, where she's bound to slip on it. She deserves it!

    I'm lovin' not having to share the computer anymore. (even if the beast is white)

  2. Well, I just realized how tempting being on line would be during the day at work, during down time. I am so glad I didn't have that temptation, because my work load was heavy enough I would sit down to work and sometimes look up and I'd forgotten to go home. Really. That slacker? I agree that it will catch up with her, and it's not fair that you should be punished in any way by her problems, so letting it go sounds like a good think to do.

  3. Oh, I haven't even tried to blog or read blogs at work because I know that's all I would do all day! I have no self-control!

  4. I do read some in work but mostly what I do is star them in my reader (google) and then come back to them to commment during lunchhour!

  5. Thats really bad to know that your brother caught you up but now your decision is good and i will be there for the follow up soon. :)

  6. If you got another laptop for MC and the hubby, you could still set up parental controls on it, just like the one you use now! You deserve your own computer!

  7. There is never enough time to write, read and comment... and my blog is my work! I now have SC telling me to get off the Mac because she wants to get onto Education City and play learning games. Kicked off by a five year old!! There is no hope for us! xx

  8. Yes I see a laptop winging its way to Young Man for his birthday! We have a house full of laptops but half of them don't work, the main computer won't upload pictures, so its a nightmare here too!


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