May 30, 2010

So immediately following my post about flowers.....

The manic, insanity that is my life ensues.....

Of course, while I'm trying to drum up something interesting - nothing happens. As soon as I'm done posting.....another story entirely....

And this is why I tell people I have two teenagers.....

A friendly game.  Tossing the football around.  Ahh, what a lovely family moment.....

And then????

Taunting and testostrone explode.

Sorry.  You totally miss the chase around the house (I had just put the camera away-my bad.  And they refused to re-enact the scene).....

Dad wins again!

Yes.  My life is never dull.


  1. Thank goodness it's never dull--right! Looks like your big teenager needs a time out!

  2. Wow, what nice pics. Looks like they had a great time. Have a great week.

  3. the affection between father and son, I think thats a great picture, truly one to cherish.

  4. This looks so familiar... testosterone definitely x

  5. They seem to have such an amazing relationship even if the testostrone does overcome them at times!


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