June 21, 2010

Apparently, as drivers, we suck.

So I read this article the other day (okay, okay!  I read it about a month ago!  Sheesh!  What is it with you guys and details!) about a survey that ranks American driver's knowledge.  Apparently, a good majority of them are morons.  I can say this because I've witnessed it first hand.  And now, thanks to this survey it's been proven.
This survey used questions taken from state department of motor vehicle exams.  According to the survey 1 in 5 licensed drivers would fail the written exam if they took it today.  1 in 5!  That is some scary statistics folks, especially since my child is now on the road and will soon be on the road without me sitting beside him - am I terrified?  And add to that the fact that my state is the 14th worst state for drivers.  Lovely.
According to the GMAC press release of the findings, 85% of Americans are unsure what to do about approaching a yellow light.  Really???????  85%!!  Seriously folks - how can you NOT know what to do when approaching a yellow light? (Answer? Prepare to stop as that sucker is about to turn red!)

So my question is this: how the hell did these people get licensed in the first place????

So here's my solution - every five years we should be tested again.  Yes, yes - I realize that going to the DMV to have your license renewed every however many years is a giant pain as it is and to add the testing on would just add to that aggravation - but think about it - these morons are out there driving among us!  Among our brand new drivers - who don't have the experience to deal with the idiocy.

And in my own informal little survey I have deduced that 99% of the drivers in this state have absolutely NO idea what a turn signal is or that it is illegal to block intersections (as they try to "beat the light").  What does that tell you my friends?  

That tells me that 99% of the drivers on the road today should not be there!

And if you are interested in seeing where your state ranks you can find it here.


  1. I have a friend whose driving scares the crap out of me. She's had three accidents and according to her, none of them were her fault. I think being re-tested every so often wouldn't be a bad idea.. but damn, it's expensive. If they included it with the cost of renewing your license anyway, wouldn't be so bad though!

  2. I agree. Here in Washington state, I notice that running red lights seems to be what people were TAUGHT, they do it so often! And what a good way to get people employed, hire them to work at the DOT/

  3. Honey, try crossing the street in Manhattan. Or for a real kick, be a passenger in the back seat of a NYC cab. They stop, your head crashes into the plastic divider.

    And gridlock? WTF?

    I always say that WE have to anticipate what THEY'RE gonna do...without the benefit of body language. 'Cause if you think they won't stop in the middle of a busy street and suddenly go LEFT...well, they will.

  4. Exactly why I don't drive much... THERE ARE CRAZY DRIVERS OUT THERE!!! I'm not one of them.

  5. If that would cure the insanity on the road -- I'm all for it!