June 7, 2010

Hubby's Interview.....

So Hubby had his interview today.

To say he was nervous is a total understatement.  I mean really?  It's been 10 years since he's had to interview.  And interviewing is nerve-wracking anyway, much less without recent practice.

To say I was nervous is more than a total understatement.  I was sick to my stomach, worried, antsy, and totally crazed.  Suffice it to say, it's a good thing that my brain wasn't actually required at work today - because today it was total mush.  I think I spent far more time on Twitter spilling my guts than actually working....ssshhhh; don't tell anyone!  I think I covered it well.....

Turns out this position would be perfect for him.  The company would be perfect for all of us.  Whether or not they will hire him - totally up in the air.  Two-three weeks before they make a decision. 

ARRRRGGGGHHHH!  I can't stand it!

I knew going in that there would be some wait time (there always is) but still - I know he's wonderful and outstanding and the perfect man for the job - so I had hoped against hope that he'd be offered the position on the spot.  No such luck.

But, on the plus side, Hubby came out of it very positive.  It went very well, in his opinion, and has given him confidence (which he has desperately needed of late!).

Also, he has the strong recommendation of a very influential vendor to back him.....so fingers crossed and all that.

Here's hoping we hear something (positive) soon!


  1. Oh, honey...I've got fingers & toes crossed that these ppl will realize how wonderful and perfect hubby is for this position!

    Tell them to hurry up and decide...it's hard to type this way!

  2. I totally hear you. Sometimes I get more stressed over something going on with my guy than with me! Amazing. And hopefully we'll be hearing good news in a few weeks...

  3. Oh man, I hate that damn waiting game. I bet you drilled him to death to get every detail of how the interview went. I do, then I want to know the exact tone that questions were answered in. Crazy, ok fingers, toes crossed.

  4. I really hope he gets the job. I do know how you must be feeling!1

  5. That's a very long time to wait. I will keep all things crossed and keep doing positive vibes for you xxx

  6. If he doesn't get the job, it's THEIR LOSS! He sounds like the perfect fit!

  7. My fingers are crossed. The waiting is the worst part. Good vibey vibey things sent to you & hubby! x

  8. Awwww - you guys! Y'all are the best. I think you are the only thing between me and insanity on some days.....

  9. Gah! How did I not know this? I blame my allergies, they've been really bad lately (had to get a puffer), but hope hubby hears good news soon!!

  10. Blimey, 2-3 weeks is a long wait. Fingers crossed you get the outcome you want! x

  11. Good luck to your hubby! The waiting game is the worst part, but hopefully it's all worth it :)


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