June 7, 2010

Five Years (and although I thought I'd been "cured" apparently not; as once again I forgot to title it.....*sigh*)

I would like to thank WildernessChic for passing this on to me - a thought provoking tag.

Socrates said, "An unexamined life is not worth living."  So I did some examining and now provide the following:

Where Were You Five Years Ago?

This was a really tough one to answer because, as you all know, my brain is like a colander - full of holes!  So I really had to think about this and employ some creative math to figure out where I was five years ago!

Five years ago, Man-Child was a mere babe at the age of 11.  He was coming to the end of his fifth grade year - and the upcoming school year was more nerve-racking for us than most rising sixth graders.  He was moving up to middle school; but not with his friends.  He'd be moving to a new school.  He was anxious, I was anxious, Hubby acted oblivious.  But it turned out to be the best decision we could have made - thank God!


 he was just a baby!

 Sorry for the quality....but in order to get a picture of him these days, I have to be like a stealth ninja!

If my recollection is correct (cause I'm really, really iffy here....) I believe I had just moved into the department I'm currently in - moving from what, at least for me, was a very, very toxic environment.  So I was very excited and happy with the move.
Where Would You Like To Be Five Years From Now?

Usually, I'm a "take each day as it comes" kind of gal, so I had to reflect on this one a bit.  It goes without saying that I hope to be alive, healthy and happy.  Man-Child should be finishing up his Junior year in college (it boggles the mind to think that!  I mean seriously, look how much he's changed in just the past five years!)  I imagine at that point Hubby and I will have settled into some kind of semi-empty nest routine - and hopefully, we will still like each other.....

What Five Snacks Do You Enjoy?

Truthfully, I'm not much of a snacker.  Occasionally, I enjoy popcorn in the evenings but other than that....not one for snacks.  Sometimes at work, you may find me reaching for a piece of chocolate from the dish on my desk...but that's usually out of boredom.  Hmmmm? Does wine count?  

What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire?

This was, by far, the most difficult question.  I pondered and pondered.  I have come to the conclusion that I should NEVER be a billionaire because apparently I lack the imagination to figure out how to spend that much money!

My first thought was to take care of Man-Child's education, that goes without saying.  My second was to travel.  I would go everywhere (making a point, of course, to meet all my blog friends along the way!).  Obviously, I would take care of those near and dear to me.  I would also most likely set up scholarships for needy children and be very generous to those charities that touch my heart & that do the most good.

Without further ado, I pass the tag along to:

and, of course, anyone else who would like to join in......

And for the record?  This post has been pure hell to post - apparently Blogger doesn't like Mozilla.  Just so ya know.


  1. WOW - what a difference 5 years make. Your son went from boy to pretty much a man. It's hard to imagine that much time passing and what my girls will look like and who they'll be. Who I'll be.

    I don't know what I'd do as a billionaire, either. Guess it's a good thing I'll never need to know!

  2. OOoo.. I'll have to do this soon. What a different 5 years makes when you're a kid. MC looks like a 20-year-old football player, lol.

  3. These are great questions. It makes me wonder where I was in 2005. Not here, that's for sure. And as ck said, what a difference five years made in Man Child.

  4. Honey, I could've told you that blogger HATES Firefox. I had to keep opening up IE just to publish a post. I finally got Google Chrome and now everyone seems to get along.

    Wow...MC has become a MAN! And a ninja-one at that (oh, wait...that was YOU!)

    Somehow, I think you could spend that billion...if you had to. I'd help, if you were THAT stuck...

  5. When you show the pictures of your son..5 years seems like a long long time! He was very cute then and now!!

    I want to be retired now and def. in 5 years.

    I wish I didn't snack. It seems like that's all I do lately.

  6. Thanks for the tag, mine is done. At first I thought not much had happened in five years, then I remembered....:(

  7. Ooh, a big change for the son from boy to man child!!

    I'll get on this when I get back from work, thank you sweetie xxx

  8. I love that you call him man child!!!!

    And if you won a bunch of cash, invite me and we could take a very long vacation!!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness Gigi.....you're soon looks soooo grown up! It must be your water over there. You must be very proud of him. :0) xx


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