June 4, 2010

Lucky, lucky you! (and hopefully, us?)

Three (count 'em - THREE!) posts from me in one day.  In less than three hours (hmmmm....what cosmic force is at work here?).

How does she pull it off? Everyone asks in total wonder.

Pffft.  I'm talented. (which is code for, it was a really, really slow day at work which meant I had plenty of time for "composing" and uploading to Skydrive to download when I got home).

Anyway, I wasn't planning this post.  It's totally spontaneous...... (should I even be telling y'all my trade secrets here???)

It all began long, long ago (this morning).  I was drinking my coffee, reading the paper and getting really, really incensed over this oil spill and local politics (seriously?  Somebody put me in charge.  All this nonsense would END NOW!  Don't ask me how - but it would by the sheer force of my will.) when I finally reached my favorite portion of the paper.  The Life section. 

This section is my "reward" for slogging through the rest of the paper.  It also helps me to forget all of which  I just read that has ticked me off to no end.

While I was happily perusing the Life section I came across the horoscopes.  I read mine.  No great surprises there.  I read hubby's.  And came to a standstill.  Remember when I talked about how the Universe is trying to tell you something?  And how, sometimes, I just don't listen even while the Universe is bashing me about the head? 

Well today?  I listened.

Here is Hubby's horoscope:

"The lemon someone handed you turned out to make the sweetest lemonade you've ever tasted.  You couldn't have experienced the good thing unless someone did the bad thing first."

You all know that Hubby's been laid off.  You all know that I've been nutso worried (which is sooooo against my nature!).  You also know that we've been trying to look at this as a "one door closes and another opens" kind of situation.  So this horoscope?  Very uplifting.  Just what I needed. 

Not that I believe in horoscopes (completely.....)

I went along my merry (well, if the truth be told - not so merrily because, HELLO!  I'm on my way to WORK!)  way to work (where instead of actually working, I was busy composing posts for YOU!  You're welcome!).

Upon returning home (with a sinus headache that WOULD. NOT. QUIT!) I was greeted with this delicious news.....

Hubby has an interview with a very fabulous company on Monday!

Doing a major happy dance over here.

Of course, there are many "if's" and involved.  As in the major one - "What IF he doesn't get it?"  or "What IF he does, and the pay isn't what it needs to be?" or "What IF he gets it, it's perfect and life is grand and then the world suddenly ends!" (Why yes.  I do have a flair for drama....)

I'm trying not to think of those IF's.  I'm trying to think of the positive IF's.  Like, "IF he is hired, the price will be better than perfect and he will have his holidays off and he won't be on call 24/7 like before and the stress-level will be nil."

The real positive here - no matter what happens - is that this company (a highly sought after company) looked at him.  That in itself has to be a real confidence booster.

From what I understand about this company - who is new to the area - they could be the rival (job seeker-wise-totally different industry) to my company, which has been a top employer in this area for a long, long time.  (seriously, people are constantly asking me how I got a job here (uhh?  Cause I'm so awesome? - who did I know - can I get them a job here, etc  And no, even if the perfect job were available they wouldn't hire him - something about "policy.")

So here is where I shamelessly beg for your help.  Send all your cosmic good thoughts, prayers, well wishes, voodoo, whatever, our way.   I promise to repay in kind someday.

I'm good for it.  Ask anyone.


  1. Every ounce of good cosmic energy I have is currently en-route to North Carolina.

  2. Done. Completely.

    I don't do horoscopes but I am a firm believer in lemons. I'm sure something good is on its way to you right now.

  3. Yahoo! I will be sending good thoughts!

  4. Good luck to hubby, I had my husband out of work for 16 months 2008/2009 and the one year contract he started last July will come to an end soon, so time for me to put my worry hat on again, so I know how you feel. Fingers crossed for you all xx

  5. I am sending you all manner of positive vibes xxx from the good luck fairy xxx I so hope this works out because you are so lovely and your hubby deserves it xxx

    ps my horoscope yesterday said I was going to meet someone for the first time and this would be the person I would marry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pps I did meet a man last night and he was lovely and he's asked me out for dinner next week, now how stressed am I !!!!

    ppps don't say anything in case we jinx it, just send positive romantic vibes my way and I'll send positive job related/employment vibes your way xxxx

  6. BEST WISHES coming your way!! xoxo

  7. Sending so many vibes...I read horoscopes when I can. Thinking of you all. xx

  8. Well I haven't read your other two posts yet. Going to do that now.

    But, in the meantime, thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday cause guess who is going to be the first names in the prayer book....YOU and HUBBY!

    Keep us posted....ha, like you wouldn't! Make sure hubby is spit and polished for Monday. LOL

  9. Will be sending good thoughts on Monday! Yea!!!

  10. Oh boy....this is great, great news! It's so nice to see the universe do it's thing in a GOOD way more often...we don't need to see so freakin' much of the BAD, ya know??

    Positive thinking, sweets....the job....is HIS!