June 29, 2010

Seriously??? It's Vacation BIBLE School y'all!!

Hmmm, just wondering exactly how many of my posts start out with "Seriously???"......am thinking quite a few.

Anyway, on to the subject at hand....I may have mentioned in the past that my son's school requires, among other things, that each student complete so many service (volunteer) hours as a way of passing on to the next grade.  In my mind this is a good thing.  Learning to give back to others, etc.  It can't help but mold another good human, right?  And we could seriously do with a lot more good humans roaming the earth, in my opinion.

After his very successful venture into volunteering to help out at the VBS last year (which also knocked out all of his service hours in one fell swoop), Man-Child decided to do it again this year.  Great.  Not a problem.  The hours worked out (at least last year when it was my duty to ferry him back & forth) so that it wasn't an issue.  This year? Same thing (although now hubby is on call to pick him up).

Last year went off without a hitch.  Everything was fine.  Man-Child is good with small kids and had a fine time, as did the kids.  It was all good.

This year?  We are only two days into this week and already an email has been sent to the volunteer's parents.

Wanna' know why?

Apparently someone (not Man-Child, who knows he would surely be killed for this by me if he did do this) took it upon themselves to use sidewalk chalk to draw an "obscene image" on the side of a building for all the small children to see. (Of what, I don't know but can only imagine.  The email didn't go into detail and MC swears he saw, and knows, nothing.  He may live for another day)

Okay, teens will be teens.  Whatever.  But apparently you (the teen in question) have failed to realize that small children (can you say pre-schoolers?) have no real idea about what "you" may find funny.  And in fact, this in turn may prompt uncomfortable questions, etc.  that the parents then have to deal with.  Not to mention the fact that you signed up for this (okay maybe at your parent's insistence, but still....)

Can't you suck it up for a week?  Or at least for the 3 1/2 hours that you are supposed to be watching out for small ones?  Seriously?????


  1. Are they positive it wasn't done by someone else, other than VBS people? Not sure where the sidewalk is located, but sidewalks are normally public. Also, I've seen some very young kids draw some horrific things.

  2. Yikes. Are they sure it was an "inside job"? 'Cause that totally bites.

    I hope they figure out who did it...and find a suitable punishment.

  3. POSITIVE it was an "inside" job because of the location of the "image." Just shaking my head over here. Really? Around little ones??

  4. There really are no boundries anymore. Kids are bold as brass. I hope the kid responsible is out already. 0 tolerance.

  5. Some poor young guy who has been hijacked by his hormones, no doubt. Adolescent boys seem to be without any sense. Hopefully he will be found and some idea of the inappropriateness of his art will be impressed upon him.

  6. Oh, gosh, the only thing I can imagine is that someone drew an innocent picture, then someone else said, "Hey that looks like..." Cause, you know, teenagers can make even the most nondescript thing into something that their raging hormones would appreciate.

    GAH that is awful though. Some teenagers have NO brains whatsoever.


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