June 20, 2010

Seeing as it's Father's Day, I suppose I should post something about Hubby.

When I first met Hubby, way back when, one of the things that impressed me the most (other than how hot he was....) was his ability to be a father.  That more than anything was important to him.

After his divorce, his first wife moved back to Texas with their daughter.  He began to fly back and forth to see his child.  As you can imagine, that quickly got old (and expensive).  So in the midst of a recession, he moved to Texas to be near his daughter.

The more I got to know him, the more I saw the father that he was.  And quickly began to realize just what kind of man he was - one who that was "there" for those he loved, one who fought for those he loved, one who was true and kind.  I realized he would be the best man for me and any children we might have together.

My husband is many things - some which I love, some which drive me crazy.  But I can honestly say, that one of the things that first attracted me to him was his ability to be a father.  Unfortunately, there are many man out there who do not have this ability.

Yes, his daughter and I have had our moments, and yes, he has been torn because of that.  But through it all he has loved us more than anyone else could have.

I have watched him with Man-Child through the years and it brings a tear to my eye to see them together.  They have a bond that is absolutely indescribable.  When I observe other fathers with their sons - I am saddened that they don't seem to have the connection that these two have.  They are best friends - though at times they don't seem to be.  

So dear Hubby, happy Father's Day.  You are a man among men, a father in every sense of the word, and I love you more than I could ever describe.


  1. so very sweet! Nothing sexier than a man who is a great father!!

  2. Such a lovely tribute. I continue to put you and your family in my parayer book at Church each Sunday. I know something fantastic is coming your way!!

    Happy Fathers Day to your hubby.

  3. I refer to the "other kind" as sperm donors. It takes SO much more, than that.

  4. Gigi, that was a beautiful post! You truly are blessed to have him. Nothing makes a mother prouder than seeing her husband love the children they share x

  5. You know how to pick 'em, Gigi. What a great post for Father's Day.

  6. Honey, this was beautiful...and touching...and you got me all chocked up, dammit.

    My ex never threw the ball with his 3 boys....was always working. It took one divorce and only 2 visits a month for him to realize what amazing children he created.

    CO-created...I meant CO-created.

  7. My husband is a wonderful father too!! I only home my son in law will be!!


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