June 27, 2010

Is It Hot In Here?

Am I living back in Texas?  Seriously?

Hmmm, apparently I am going to need gas soon...

That temperature, along with the heat index meant that today felt like 102-104 degrees.  To say it's been uncomfortable is a total understatement.

It seems like we totally skipped spring this year and just jumped feet first into the dog days of summer.  This is not acceptable. (yes, yes, that was me moaning just a few short months ago about the cold....but who would have thought we'd be reaching the high 90's in June?!)  Mother Nature is just not playing nice this year.  

In heat like this there is no point in even attempting to "do" my hair.  One because, even with air conditioning, the thought of getting under the hair dryer is painful and sweaty and two, with this humidity there is no way that the hair is ever going to stay straight.  So, it's the "Why Yes, I DID Stick My Finger In An Electrical Socket" look for me today.  

There's also no point in applying makeup - other than mascara and lipstick, of course,  because it will just slide right off your face leaving a right streaky mess in the process.  NOT a good look as I can say from experience.

In heat like this the best thing to do is sit somewhere cool and not move.  Which really isn't practical - since someone has to get things done around here.

But you know what?  Those things will just have to wait because it's just too darn hot to do anything else!

"They" say that we should be cooling off to more seasonable temperatures tomorrow.  Boy I sure hope "they" are right for once....


  1. I know it's time to get gas when I hear the "ding ding" and see "Low Fuel" on my car, LOL.

  2. Bloody hell! I thought it was hot here...

  3. AH, yes. I know that feeling. After years in the fashion and theatre industries, sales, and education...and actually selling cosmetics at a few points in my life I rarely left the house without my paint. But, by golly...anything over 90 is just a free pass in my opinion.

  4. It does sound a lot like being here! I'd be willing to bet your nights are much cooler than mine.

  5. Yes, honey...it's freakin' hot. And humid.

    Not good for the hair! I was at an outdoor bbq yesterday....90-something in the shade...and went to use the restroom. I looked like a WITCH...my hair was EVERYWHERE. Not a good look.

    Email me when you get a chance...I've found some GREAT make-up tricks for summer.

    But the hair? God help us!

  6. Wow, I love the heat though...it was very humid here today.

  7. 100 sounds pretty hot to me, but then as I know nothing about Fahrenheit it could be anything lol

  8. We've been feeling the heat in Florida also, but this morning we're having thunderstorms.

    I actually enjoy the heat, but since I've entered peri-menopause, the heat is more constant!

  9. It 99 degrees here as well, and I was Not having a good hair day at all. I can feel your pain.

  10. I'm totally with you. 9am here and 120degrees with 80% humidity!!

  11. I was in TN last week and it was hot there too!! June in NC is not suppose to be hot. I am wondering what August will bring!!!