June 20, 2010

Sometimes, it's just better to answer the phone.....

I've mentioned it before - I am not a "phone person."  I don't sit around and chit chat on the phone - if I do, it's rare.  Although, interestingly enough, I don't mind sitting at the computer and chit chatting.

So last night, I had a few hours to myself as the guys were at a wedding. What?  Why wasn't I at the wedding?  Well, He-Who-Never-Arranges-Our-Social-Life (aka: Hubby) received an invite to the wedding of a former co-worker's son and upon opening the envelope promptly decided - without asking me - that I probably wouldn't want to go since I'd never met these people.  So He-Who-Never-Arranges-Our-Social-Life filled out the response card saying that it would just be him and Man-Child and mailed it off.  Yes, I know - I too gasped in shock.  What can I say, he's clueless at times.

Anyway, here I was having a lovely time perusing blogs, checking out twitter, etc.  Basically, enjoying the quiet.  When the phone begins to ring.  Sighing, I looked at the caller id.  It was a friend, but truly not wanting to break the solitude I was currently enjoying - I hit ignore.  I could call her back later, I reasoned.

I then got into an online chat with a friend about how sometimes you just don't want to answer the phone or even deal with people in real life - because sometimes, just sometimes, it takes too much energy (yes, I realize I am becoming a hermit - but I'm okay with that for the moment) to deal.  Of course, our conversation meandered along to other topics - but that's where we started.

Still chatting online (apparently, we are twins that were separated at birth or something), the boys come home.  Not five minutes after they walk in the door who shows up? Yup, the friend that had called earlier.  The one I ignored.  I cut off my online conversation rather abruptly (sorry, Kath) to focus on the couple that had just walked in.

Now, as our house is always open to friends who just want to stop by this usually isn't a problem.  And it really wasn't a problem last night - because we spent an enjoyable few hours together.  But in my current state of hermitage I was a little put out because I had my night all planned out.  A bit more computer time, a hot bath and an early bedtime (soooo exciting for a Saturday night, I know!  Aren't you envious?).

Apparently, a good time was had by all as they didn't leave until almost midnight and I woke this morning to a pounding head.  We also woke to the realization that we had made plans to join them for lunch today.  So my quiet weekend became one that ended up being quite busy.

So the moral to this story is this: If you are seeking solitude, sometimes it's just easier to answer the phone.


  1. I like people and I like being around people. At times. But there are times when people need to bugger off and let me do nothing in peace and quiet.

  2. Ok, I can tell you we differ here. I hate "dropper inners" - don't come to my door unannounced. If I don't pick up my phone, don't stalk me either. Hubby and I enjoy getting back in our jammies after Church some
    Sundays and watching golf, football on tv. I don't like unexpected guests.

    On the other hand, I don't mind chatting on the phone. I can't leave a ringing phone alone, I absolutely have to answer it. Hmmm, interesting.

    People are so different.

  3. 1. Do NOT drop in on me unannounced. In this day and age, there is NO excuse.

    2. If, by some chance I don't answer the phone and you are trying to warn me of an impending visit, refer to #1.

  4. I totally get this! i am a hermit at times, to the point where i have hidden from visitors because i just did't want to see anyone!

  5. Oh, so that's what happened to you! You got hijacked into social-dom with the real people, huh?

    And then you drank too much and was hungover and then saw the same ppl the next day? Lather, rinse and repeat??

    Look at it this way: Had you answered the phone, she would have announced she was stopping by and there would be this awkward silence as you scrambled for an excuse. The end result probably wud've been the same!

  6. I use to love talking on the phone but for some reason I don't anymore. I have to try and talk to my best friend more b/c I think it kind of hurts her. I hate drop in guests b/c I am usually not dressed!