June 4, 2010

You can thank BrightonMum for this post.

She issued a challenge. She wants pictures of toilet paper. Or as she puts it – the loo roll.

Apparently, this challenge is the result of an exchange of comments at another blog.

And since I certainly don’t want to let her down, without further ado:

As you can see, we stockpile toilet paper around here (hmmm, actually the supplies seem to be getting a little low – wait a sec while I add it to the list…..). What can I say? I prefer to have loads of tp on hand – along with paper towels – apparently I am a paper product junkie.

What? You find this abnormal? Hmmm, then you get stuck without any tp readily available and see how quickly you change your mind and decide that I am, in fact, quite sane and normal.  I say this from experience.  No - I won't go into details.  Let's just say I'm traumatized and leave it at that.

As you can see, we are also an Over not Under kind of household. Why? Because it is the correct way – nay, the only way tp should be placed in the dispenser. What? You don’t believe me? Then just google it and you will see that I am 100% correct and there is no point in arguing with me. Even Wikipedia says so. There is even a FaceBook page titled Toilet Paper Should Go Over NOT Under – which currently has 1,606 fans.

Of course, the fact the tp has even made it’s way onto the dispenser in the above picture is kind of a minor miracle. Usually, in this house it looks like this:

Which sort of makes the whole Over vs Under point moot.

If you want to join in the fun (or just check out pictures of “loo rolls”) head on over to BrightonMum’s place.


  1. There is a FB page for OVER not UNDER, good grief! I'm astounded, truly! Please tell me you joined it?? Haha! and did you google over or under? You did, didn't you? *giggle*. My picture will have you twitching then, it's sort of sideways. By the way, tis a very pretty basket you have you loo rolls in. Thank you for joining in the fun xx

  2. Haha....I love your stockpiling....normal we have hundreds of them but I have no idea what happened this week. I think someone has been stealing them!
    That's so annoying when no one else changes the roll isn't it! ;0) xx

  3. I like Over for the TP myself. And we tend to stock up on the toilet paper here too at times. Though we don't have anything that fancy to hold it in!

  4. I would have to agree, being caught without tp is an event that scars a person for life. Glad you got through it to tell the tale.

  5. Ha ha great post I like the basket especially! I don't have to worry about the over or under method, as our rolls go on a holder which stands on the floor so anyway can be used!! I like your third photo - that is how I remember loo roll positioning when I have lived in a house with wall mounted loo holders! Funny :-)

  6. Here's a secret, sometime I go under just to annoy my hubby and wait to see how long it takes til he switches it....LOL

  7. Mine sits that last way a lot b/c my husband for some reason will not put it on the holder!!

  8. I always have a stockpile of TP in the house as well. I love the color in your bathroom!

  9. Wow Gigi - I'm impressed! Knowing you live with two males I fully expected a picture of an empty loo roll...


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