June 11, 2010

How do I know it's summer (despite what the calendar says....)

Because when I hear this song I just crank it up and sing along (loudly).  Of course, if the truth be told - I do that even in the winter.  LOVE this song.

Because I got to sleep a few extra minutes this morning - and spend a lot of time lounging around reading the paper, drinking coffee and checking out blogs (which, since Big Brother locked down blog access, really helps keep me in the loop - damn you Big Brother) before having to get dressed and mosey into work.  Why?  No trip to school!  Which, as I've mentioned before takes a full hour round trip.

Because I don't have any one trying to take the computer with the excuse of "homework."  Since he's had it for most of the day, he knows better than to even ask.....

Because the baby bunnies that are running rampant are getting much bigger.  Sorry no picture - they refuse to pose for me - worse than children!  Divas, that's what they are!  Next they'll be asking for a better type of clover....

Because it's HOT.  Although, now that the sun has gone down it's much cooler.  Gotta love NC for that - back home, even after the sun went down it stayed HOT and HUMID - never any relief.  EVER.

Because at work - it's deader than dead.  Everyone is on vacation.  The phones aren't ringing and the email isn't pinging.  Do you know I only had ONE work-related email today?  ONE?!!!  Do you KNOW how long that makes the day (especially when you can't access blogs?!)?  It's torture I tell you!  Total torture!  Especially on a beautiful Friday.....

Because I've got dueling lawn-mowers going in either ear as the neighbors battle it out for the best lawn ever!  I'm hoping they'll get sick of ours and come over and work on it.....they really need to do something about all these weeds.....

Because shorts and sandals (and more all kinds of unfortunate outfit choices) are on display.

Because Blogging-On-The-Back-Porch is back!

Sweet Summertime.


  1. one email all day? Flipping eck! maybe you need to start composing all your blogs at work...

  2. You KNOW I'm already suffering with that heat and humidity, even at night. Nights in NC are wonderful, you lucky girl.

  3. Oi youtube !!! Stop discriminatiing against Italy !!!

    Won't let me watch cos I'm in the wrong country for copyright reasons.

    May the sulk commence.

  4. Because it's summer where you are doesn't mean it's summer here.

    Because today we have sunshine and now I can smile again. It might get all the way up to 70 degrees! For the first time this year!

  5. I love the summer! did my first fake tan of the season last night!

  6. I wore skorts today, it was nice. Though I have to tell you, I don't like summer. My allergies are REALLY bad this year and I'm allergic to trees and grass quite bad so summer is a bad time for me. Winter time, I don't have to worry about breathing!

  7. I love summer but it was very hot and humid in my part of NC.

  8. Ah yes! You've pointed out all the signs it's summer. Yahoo for most of them!!

  9. How inconsiderate of Big Brother, especially considering you're not exactly rushed off your feet at work - can't you sneak in your laptop...

  10. Oh, "sweet summertime" is right! Sigh...I only wish I had a back porch!

    (Okay...the icky crane fly that just flew past my monitor is something about summer I could do w/o.)

    Great song....I'm digging his Hawaiian-themed board shorts.

    Ahhh...the beach.....