June 24, 2010

Scheduling Conflicts . . .

Back when Man-Child first started going to private school, we were told that he had to do so many "service" hours each year in order to pass to the next grade.

I thought this was a wonderful idea.  One that should be implemented in schools - both public and private - across the land.  There is no better way to teach our young what it means to give of your time and your talent.  It also can teach them to appreciate what they have or how to make better choices in their lives.  Remind me to tell you some day of the lessons learned when Man-Child served as a "juror" for several "teen courts" (which is an excellent program and one that I would recommend to every single middle-school aged child.  It's eye-opening to both parent and child).

Anyway, this of course got me to thinking - that we (meaning Hubby) should find a way to give of our time and talents as well.  You know, practice what you preach.

Well, this led us to turning our annual (bi-annual, or whenever) Christmas Party into a "party with a purpose."  Whereby we ask our guests to bring non-perishable food items to be donated to a local food pantry.  This was wildly successful.

But I kept thinking.  We (meaning Hubby) could certainly do more.  So when I noticed that our church was looking for people to cook for the priests once a week on a rotating basis - I figured it was perfect and signed him up immediately.  (yes, I did ask him first.....maybe).  So he cooks for the priests maybe 6 times a year now and, apparently, they are wild for his meatloaf! 

When the volunteer coordinator had to quit because of "scheduling conflicts" I offered to take over.  I mean seriously, (famous last words) how hard could it be?

And it isn't - for the most part.  You assign everyone dates equally spaced out.  Done.  I coordinate the schedule for six months and send it out.  Virtually takes no time at all on my part.

But then. . . I get responses.  "Oh, I can't do this date - can I switch with someone?"  "No, I can't do that date either."  I send out another possibility.  No response.  I hit re-send.  Nothing.  Finally I call.  "Oh, didn't I respond?  I can do this date (the first one) after all."

Don't even get me started on what happens when someone's turn falls near a holiday.

If I recall correctly when the email went out that I was taking over it stated, "Gigi works full time so please try to coordinate re-scheduling between yourselves."  Hmmphh.  Apparently, everyone mis-read that part.  Or they know where I work and figure I can't possibly be that busy (I'm not - but ssssh!  That's our secret!)

Then I get an email from the church office.  We are having a visiting priest on this date.  Could we ask someone to provide an extra meal?  And the whole process is repeated.

For the most part I can go for months without hearing from any of them.  But then like clockwork it all begins again.  And when I hear from one you can almost guarantee that I'm going to hear from at least three more within the week.

Then today I was hit with the news that we are getting two new priests.  And they are now wondering if our little group could provide two meals a week instead of one.

My response?  Sure.  Ask them.  I'm sure they'd love to help (as they really are the sweetest ladies - and lone gent).  But.... you know, I don't think I'm going to be able to coordinate much longer because I have "scheduling conflicts."


  1. Anyone volunteering for scheduling jobs deserves a medal.....hassle hassle. What a lovely idea though to cook for the priests.
    I agree, all children should do some sort of charitable job.....my son is supposed to, that or join one of the services...he was in the army corps, but has managed to avoid doing anything for virtually the last year. Grrr

  2. Tough job, sweetie. I don't envy you trying to coordinate ppl who may/may not always be willing participants.

    Maybe it's time to pass the torch??

  3. Yup, where was I tonight? Just got home from helping make strawberry shortcake for the 40 euchre players for our Church. Now I have to work on the slide show for Sunday and next week is our General meeting...hey wait, who is the secretary...OH yeh, me!!! I feel your pain.


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