June 15, 2010

Seriously - could y'all work with me here????

All right y'all.  I'm being honest.

Today has NOT been one of the better days in Gigi's house.

So what do I come home to today?

Too much to go into, if the truth be told.  (If you happened to be on Twitter at a certain point this morning you could have witnessed my head exploding....it wasn't pretty, let me tell you - but two very dear friends (you know who you are) were there to help me calm down....)  

(Breathe Gigi, BREATHE!  It will be fine!)

Had I access to blogging from work (yeah, thanks Big Brother - for once said without sarcasm.) I'm sure I would have lit up Blogger like you would not have believed from the expletives that would have flown out of my mouth, to the keyboard, eventually landing in your reader, inbox, or however it is that you receive my nonsense.  Which, most likely, upon reflection, would not have been a good idea.

My main complaint to you (for the moment - because once this is resolved?  All bets are off.  And you will hear about it IN DETAIL (as far as I can go anyway)) is this....when I came home (from my lack of blog access, boring day) I was accosted with no less than, at least,  a gazillion blogs to read (and truly???  I don't follow that many!  I know!  I'm sorry!  I try to keep up!) (Mainly because I'm lazy.  Ssssh!!!  That's a secret!).

And this is after getting up at 5:15 am (THAT'S IN THE MORNING! Just in case you were wondering....and we all know that I am NOT a morning person) to check on what y'all did overnight!  And!!  Y'all kept updating while I was reading/commenting!

Y'all are seriously not making my life any easier.

So, here are my new rules.  No more blogging for you between the hours of say......8:00 am (eastern time) and 3:00 pm (eastern time).  This will give me the opportunity to actually read and comment and post my own (hopefully.  Unless I am seriously mis-calculating the Pacific Time, the Greenwich Mean Time and whatever other times are involved.  This is a distinct possibility, knowing me.....). 

And since we are setting some ground rules down - please, please, please!!!!  Add an email address or a link back to your blog to your profile!!!  This is not too much to ask (as maybe, upon reflection, my earlier request might be.....but really isn't since - isn't the world out there to make ME happy?).  This makes it much easier for me to respond to you.  Or find you and tell you how fabulous you are (or creepy - whatever the case may be.....)


  1. Dang, you are so bossy today! :)

  2. Ditto! Keeping up is a full time job, plus overtime.

  3. Holy Bloggin Rules Batman....to quote one of our other blogger friends, "I think we just got spanked from Gigi"


  4. You have MY email to send me things back, ya know. I'll try to work with you here... And I know, it's... really... hard... keeping up here in Blogland. But you're worth it, Cutie!

  5. I do have my email where it's suppose to be ........don't I??:) I have a real hard time keeping up too!!

  6. Really, so for me no blogging between 3am (GMT) and 11am (GMT), I think I've worked that out right!
    Luckily for you am very busy in work at mo so probaly will not!!!

  7. Well, I'm breaking the first rule right away! (Hangs head) I'm sorry...but I can't sleep...and you're not the only one who's behind on reading/commenting!

    We'll have to dig deeper into this email inclusion for comments...mine drop into my inbox but have a generic "nofollowblogger" where their addy should be. Maybe it's something in the settings?

    Hey, everyone shud understand! There are only so many hours in the day...and so many brain cells that can fire at once. Right?? I'm outta here before you throw something at me....

  8. Okay then but I have no clue what Eastern time is, I have greenwich mean time so if I'm early or late, my apologies

  9. Oh Gigi, sounds like you had a hell of a day, lol. At least my email is linked to my Blogger profile so I'm safe there!


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