September 29, 2009

All of a sudden . . .

Darling hubby has an interest in what I'm doing in the blogosphere.

Hmmm..... think that could be Man-Child's doing?? 

Me-thinks so.

Hubby asked me tonite.  Will I ever get to read your blog; or is it private?

I told him that I'm not ready to share just yet.

But, to pacify him, I did share You Know You Married The Right Man When and do you know what he said???

"Well, of course.  That's what any man should do."

I definitely married the right man.

I then informed him that most of my blog-life was bitching complaining about Man-Child.  He thought that was hilarious.  But, it seems to be true.  Man-Child gives me WAY more grief than Hubby does.

Although, I must say, I checked M-C's grades today; and today he is my son!

He's brillant and handsome.  What more could a mother want?  Of course, when he's a pain in the rear, he's his father's son.  Goes without saying!


  1. Don't you just love it when guys say the right things? I nominated you for a couple of awards on my blog. Hope you enjoy.